In the Garden

Ok, according to the Telegraph today, a keen interest in gardening is one of the signs of aging.

I read that list, and scored 27 out of 50... I thought I would have scored higher than that if I'm honest, but my ability to use modern technology appears to have saved me!

I am certainly not an obsessive gardener, and I don't feed the birds at all, with two cats (who would quite gleefully eat them) it seems cruel somehow to tempt the poor little things into our garden... and so we don't! However, I have discovered a fondness for our outdoor space.

Some years ago, an estate agent informed us that what we consider to be our garden cannot actually be classed as a garden. Whether this is due to the lack of grass or it's rather diminutive size, we never sought to clarify. We do grow plants in both containers and in the ground. We still don't have any grass (neither of us like mowing the lawn, so it would be pointless), but we have recently started to grow vegetables in our garden.

This is a plan (sadly to scale) of our "walled courtard" (sounds nicer than 'yard' doesn't it?).
Anyway, as you can no doubt see, our house (mid-terrace, 2 bed Victorian Town house) is to the left (the part sticking out into the garden is our kitchen, (yes, to scale) which along with the bathroom above it, we suspect was added on to the original building sometime between 1930-1960. In case you are interested, the original outhouse (demolished loing before either of us lived here) was roughly where our shrub border and veg patch now stand.

Since I drew this rough plan a week or so back, we have since placed a small, plastic greenhouse (which we have borrowed from my Mum) to the left of the shed, in the 'planter border.
The Greenhouse
Ok, granted, it isn't the prettyest of greenhouses, nor the largest. At this point, it isn't even actually in use! However, it has 4 shelves and will do quite nicely. Oh and it fits in our tiny walled courtyard, so it's all good.

I do need to pot on some seedlings, currently on the sitting room window ledge, which I am hoping to do this evening, provided that the weather holds out.

So there we are. My descent into old age has begun with back breaking (which tagged at least another 3 onto my score) hard work, but with the promise of vegetables in the autumn.
In case you are interested (or curious, a keen interest may make you old too), we have already planted or are going to plant;
  • Strawberries

  • Potatoes
  • Sweetcorn

  • Tomatoes

  • Midget Gem Lettuce
  •  Mange Tout

  • Cucumber (no picture yet)
  • Carrots (no picture yet)
  • Leeks (no picture yet)
  • Onions (no picture yet)
  • Padron Peppers  (no picture yet)
I am very much looking forward to my first batch of home grown leek and potato soup! 


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