Graffiti: Vandalism or Art?

Where I live (Runcorn, Cheshire, North West of England) graffiti normally takes the form of words. Not elegantly formed, just "Baz woz ere" or "Snoddy is a grass", I'm sure you recognise the calibre?

Now, not far from us, in Liverpool, there is this rat or cat (the argument rages in poetry) by Banksy, along with his Love Plane, his locally controversial statement, his Hip-hop kitty and the kids in gas masks generally attributed to him. most of which is generally recognised to be a form of art, rather than common vandalism, especially his Christmas present to the Walker Art Gallery in the city.

Luckily, local artists have decided that this is something to be emulated, rather than continue with the normal level of badly spelled observations about other people's love lives!

I present to you Runcorn's answer to Banksy:
The Runcorn Cow & The Penguin in the Park (different artists may have been responsible)

I am keeping my eyes peeled in the hope of seeing some more, but there's been nothing else so far!


  1. I've seen a load more animals at Spike Island. Bulldog, wolf and other stuff. Looks like the same person and has a 'B' logo next to it.

    1. Cool! Will have to go for a wander with my camera to see if I can find them! I have seen a moose at the top of the steps (near to where the cow is) but I haven't been able to get my camera up there yet. Photography field trip coming up!


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