Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Looooong time, no blogging!

Sorry... it's been almost five months since I last posted.

So, what have I been up to?

Well, I still haven't made it to Spike Island in Widnes to scope out the other graffiti/artwork over there, but I did find this:
 I know, not the best picture, not the best light, taken on my phone... and it appears to be a Moose Skull... cheery stuff. It is at the top of the steps that the cow (see previous post from Sept 13) is at the bottom of.

 I also visited Norton Priory (first time as an adult, and it's only round the corner) and saw the Statue of St Christopher which inspired Lucy Boston in the Children of Green Knowe!


Girl child had a go at learning archery, bless her, she's just a wee bit too small. But we'll give her another go when she's a bit bigger!

Speaking of girl-child, she had a birthday and a forest party where they built dens! She and her friends had a blast building them, then whittled sticks which they toasted marshmallows on and drank hot chocolate around a camp-fire. They also found this newt, which caused great excitement in a group of mainly female five and six year olds!

We bought a new goldfish

and then went on a trip to the aquarium;

And then to Edinburgh, where we visited the Palace of Holyrood House, and the zoo! Edinburgh zoo is the only UK zoo to house Giant Pandas and also Koalas!

 Oh, and I finished harvesting my homegrown fruit and veg!
On top of which, we have de-cluttered and redecorated the house, before putting it on the market (it's not sold yet), celebrated Christmas twice (we had a super-early celebration in October before littlest-bro went to work overseas! It's been that long that he is due back home again next month!) and then a normal one in December. 

I didn't bother making any new years resolutions, because I never stick to them anyway, but I did restart the 52 book challenge... I'm behind already though - it's week eight, and I've only read five books so far, but I have 4 currently on the go, and you've already seen the list!!

Here's to a quieter 2014!

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