Friday, 21 March 2014


Well, I managed to make my Dad's old labcoat (he's 6'4") fit Itsy-bitsy for "Dress like a scientist" day at school today!

As you can see (possibly), she went as Rosalind Franklin Ph.D. who was part of the team who discovered DNA. Unfortunately, she died before the end of the project (and a few years before the Nobel Prizes were given to Watson and Crick) and is less well remembered.

I drew a double helix on the re-attached pocket with a sharpie, with DNA underneath... and then wrote Rosalind Franklin Ph.D. underneath that!


So, onto the "Squeeee!!!"... I have splurged and purchased tickets for the Harrogate Crime Writers Festival this coming July! I am going to the whole event, so I have one weekend rover ticket with bed and breakfast accomodation purchased (I even managed to find free parking, in Harrogate, which I understand is something of an achievement!), *and* I have bought a ticket to the "Creative Thursday" workshop day!

I am very, very excited, and promise not to gloat too much! Although some small amount of gloating may happen after the event! Apparently photography during the events (panels/interviews/workshops) is not permitted, but there are likely to be authors just wandering round, in the wild as it were, who may agree to having photographs taken!

It does mean that I won't be able to go to History Live this year, which I will miss... but, we can maybe alternate and do History Live one year, and the Crime Writers Festival the other. 

And finally, Beloved has purchased a shiny new camera lens for my camera! So, I hope to go for a nature ramble over the weekend, with the camera, and take some photographs of the prettier parts of Runcorn... I shall report back after the weekend!

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