Wednesday, 2 April 2014

pre-Easter Update

Lent is feeling particularly long this year... it isn't, it's exactly the same length as every year. But I really, really, fancy a take-away!

Easter is a little on the late side this year though. Not as late as it could be, it's about a week earlier than the latest it can be (which is 25th April in case you care), I think it's harder to give up stuff that you like when the weather is nice...? No? Just me then!

I've not done fabulously at the no take-aways rule, but I haven't had the normal type of fast food that you think of, nor a subway, although I think I am missing subways the most - they don't half make for a better lunch-time quick feed than a limp and soggy sandwhich made from home and dragged to the office to sit on the desk getting limper as the hours drag slowly by.

I'm also not managed to take a photo every day (had a few sick days, where I was in no fit state to take a photograph of anything bar the bedroom and bathroom, and I wouldn't have wanted to post them on a blog site at the end of a month!

I have, however, almost completed my Learn to Nordic Walk course (last class this Friday), and am looking forward to starting a new class, for people who have achieved their freedom pass, next Tuesday.

I have also, and this is a bit of a bonus, lost the grand and glorious total of 6lbs in weight! I will keep going and see what my Lenten total will work out to be!

I did finally get a play with my new camera lens at the weekend, but I haven't had a chance to sort those pictures out yet, so I shall select a few favourites to make a new blog post out of, possibly later tonight.

And I have started Camp NaNoWriMo for April. I am only aiming for a total target of 20,000 words, which I am hoping will be very achievable. 

Sticking with  the book-ish theme, I have started to catch up with my 52 book target, still 3 books behind, but have got up to ten books read (woohoo!) and am about to embark on a crime/murder-mystery reading spree, in advance of attending the Crime Writers Festival (which I am very excited about).


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