Ultimate Zoo Photographs

A selection of my favourite photographs (that I have taken), mainly from Chester Zoo, but also from Edinburgh Zoo, Woburn Abbey Safari Park and also from the Blue Planet Aquarium.

A Tree Shrew. This lives in the Elephant House at Chester Zoo, which you can visit before you reach the ticket barriers!

After visiting the Elephants at Chester Zoo, turn left. Go over the bridge, where the Camels are on your right, and stay left, past the Condors to reach the butterfly house:


Then, follow the canal round, for some actual wildlife (the heron was free to come and go as he pleased, he isn't an inmate) and some nice views of the Giraffes and the Okapi.

If you keep walking round, you'll come to a footbridge over the canal, which leads you to the inside of the Warthogs, the Giraffes and the Okapi on your right, and the Tropical House (full of reptiles and free-flying exotic birds) to your left. (If you view the giraffe house first, you come back out opposite the Tropical House, but if you follow the Tropical House through, it will lead you around to the Chimpanzee House.

After visiting the primates, head round to the jaguar house (there's a picnic lodge there if you have brought some lunch with you, don't panic if you haven't, the zoo has plenty of restaurants)... the jaguar house is also home to Sloths and Terrapins.

From there, you are a short walk from a playground (good place to exercise the little ones) and the Realm of the Red Ape, which houses some more birds and reptiles, but you can't always see them:

This will bring you out opposite the flamingos.

From here, it's a short walk to the penguins, and the aquarium.
Where next? Let's head back towards the Lions first of all.

Then the Mongoose Manor...

And from there the Tigers.

We have missed the Islands in Danger Exhibition, where they have Komodo Dragons.

Lets head up past the Cheetahs, because, awww...

Over the bridge past the Babirosa (which is a type of deer, doesn't look it eh?)
And into the Fruit Bat Forest (where the lights are low, flash photography is not permitted, and I have never yet, taken a decent photograph - one day, my friends, one day!) 

From here, we can quickly get to the spectacled bears...

I have no idea if this was an emu or an ostrich... that is not my hand by the way, nor is it the hand of anyone I know!

and the Zebra and the Sitatunga (awesome name)...

Then the painted dogs;

Round to the birds in the wetlands (you walk through a free-flying area)..

And the Rhinoceroses/Rhinoceri? Rhinos!

Then there are the Meerkats

Before the Monkey House and back to the main entrance! You've walked around 5-7 miles, depending on the route you took!

And I have missed out some awesome animals!

Finally, here are some photos from other Zoos and Safari Parks too!


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