... and the trees hugged overhead, as Linda shimmied in her backpack...

Walking Club's first outing yesterday, saw us attempt the Wirral Way (Hooton Station to West Kirby). We took two detours (to find pubs), and due in part to the novices blister (the novice being me) we stopped short of West Kirby, and at Thurstaston headed to a pub to enjoy a starter and drink whilst awaiting rescue by my knight in shining armour (or husband and car)...

It was a lovely day, and I remembered to repeatedly apply suncream, I even wore a sunhat, and the walk is really lovely.

I didn't take my camera, so it's phone photo's only, and there are some I wish that I had taken, but didn't... however, we have agreed that we will try this one again... preferably with my camera and blister socks that actually prevent blisters, because the ones that I bought do NOT!

First Pub Stop - Pollards Inn - I recommend this one!

A foal in a field by the path, Mamma was just out of shot

Most of the walk follows the old disused railway line, and this part was in a sandstone gorge. I loved the patterns in the sandstone

A few times we had to leave the footpaths and walk down a road a short way... at least it was well signed!

Little bridge around Neston

This used to be part of the Dee estury, now a wetlands reserve

Not the best photo - but a few ponies at a sanctury at the far side of the field

I swear, there's a butterfly in this

Second attempt at that butterfly

This boundary marks the border of Cheshire and Wirral

Map of the Wirral Way, not necessarily the route that we took

The pub we were rescued from

I really wish I had taken more photos, or had my proper camera. We saw lots of wildlife, loads of robins, horses in fields, or on the bridlepath, dogs, a water vole, butterflies, strange and exotic looking birds!

The trees offer plenty of shade across a lot of the route, in some places the canopy meets and it appears that the trees are hugging. There is one particular pair of trees which looked just like barmaids hugging over a bar, although there was a footpath, rather than a bar. I need to get a picture of that next time! 

My blister, for those who care, is heart shaped... awww... still hurts like [insert rude word here] though!

Linda, my not-a-novice walking companion, was road testing a new backpack on this walk... you can tell she does this sort of thing a lot. She had a spare pair of socks, also sandals, and first aid kits, and a proper backpack, not a borrowed it from girl child, it's a kids one and it chafes your shoulders after a while. She was very impressed with her new, frameless, backpack. It was still comfortable after over seven hours, even if and when she was shimmying, because it stayed put, and it had a mesh thing to allow air to circulate and prevent the dreaded 'sweaty back'. If you'd like to read Linda's slightly more directionally based blog post about our walk, you can read it at her blog; Somewhere Slowly.

I know that I ache today, but I will definitely do this again. Not just the Wirral Way either... we have plans to walk in other locations too!

Anyway, I've also been doing some proof-reading. Short stories for an anthology for a friend. She hasn't written them all, and to be honest, I've found it rather weird. There are parts I just want to completely rewrite. But I can't, I just point out any inaccuracies, I correct spelling errors and random words, whether omitted or added. I can't review them, not until they have been published, but you can tell that the different stories have been written by different authors, and they vary in style and quality! My friend is editing the anthology, and I am looking forward to reading it as a complete entity once it's finished... 

I haven't finished either of the group reads that I started last week, but I'm working on them both. If I finish them both this week, I plan to revisit Agatha Christie's Miss Marple books. I read the first book last year, and have two and three on my book shelf. Luckily, there is another bank holiday weekend smiling towards us, and I hope to be able to review the books by next Monday!

Just now, however, I am walking (sore hips, blister and all) to collect girl child from Rainbows and then take her to Cricket club. Cricket lasts two hours, and I can stay in the club house, so I should be able to either proof read another short story, or read some more of my book, before Itsy and I walk back home, ideally through Runcorn Hill again... which reminds me, on our travels last week, Itsy and I met our Lady Mayor! There is a European election on Thursday, so we can probably expect to meet some more politicians this week!


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