Cricket, thunder, lightning and heavy rain

Well, yesterday, as I finished my blog post, I duly left the house to collect Itsy from Rainbows, and walked her the entire 10metres across to Cricket Club. She loved it!
They did some warming up (running round), they practiced catching and throwing and bowling (or running after a small ball), they practiced batting a ball balanced on a cone... then running after it to pick it up, and finally bowling at each other in pairs, and swapping who was the batsman, and who was running after the ball... finally, they played a mini-match where they took it in turns as bowler, wicket keeper, batsman, fielder and sitter on the bench waiting for my turn-er... She said that she really enjoyed it, and wants to go again. I have no objection, although next week, I'm taking my coat. You see, it was a warm sunny afternoon/evening, and it's a five minute walk, so I walked up with her coat (in case she got cold), her drink and a banana for her (she'd eaten on the way to Rainbows earlier). Then, I sat outside, in the warm spring evening, watching my daughter play cricket, with a drink in hand (soft drink, but a nice cold one), and reading some more of Fleshmarket Close... and then, there was a rumble. Then some lightning, and just as the kids stopped playing cricket, it started to rain, big fat raindrops, the kind that soak right through your rubbish t-shirt and linen cropped trousers. Luckily, the clubhouse (read bar) was open, so Itsy and I sat in the clubhouse where Itsy had a glass of lemonade and a packet of space raider (also known as best crisps ever, apart from nachos, apparently) and I had a glass of wine. We then phoned beloved (who handily finished teaching karate around 10 minutes later) and asked if he would collect us on his way past... with the car. So for the second day on the trot, my beloved husband was my knight in shining car.
We then got home JUST in time for Game of Thrones, Itsy had to go to bed... I feel bad, she'd love it, but the nudity and swearing... oh, and all the death... yeah, not suitable for a six year old!

Tonight is my Nordic Walking class, so I shall leave you now and go trotting round the forest with my poles and my poor blistered foot... 


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