Sunday, 8 June 2014

and now we wait...

Busy, busy week!

Where to even start? Oh, first up... I have arranged a guest post for 22nd of this month by the fabulous author Judith Arnopp! About which, I am rather excited - so make a note in your diaries to check back!

I do have a copy of Judith's most recent book, Intractable Heart: the story of Katheryn Parr, which I will review as soon as I have finished reading it. So I hope to be able to blog that with at the end of next week!

In other news, our daughter passed her 9th Kyu karate grading... for those of you not familiar with martial arts... that's the first one. She had a white belt, she now has a red belt, and if she sticks at it, and works hard, she might get a black belt in about 5 years time! In case I haven't mentioned it previously, beloved is a karate instructor, so this is a big thing in our household... even bigger than getting player of the match at football on Friday (which she did btw... # Proud Mama Moment!) I do want to take a moment to point out, that while we are both extremely proud of her, beloved did not grade her. Her scoresheet was completed by the rest of the grading panel and so she earned that all by herself, and her 5th Dan Daddy had nothing to do with it... well, apart from the extra practice at home perhaps... but there are perks to everything!

And what is with the title of this week's post? Well, we are going through the process of selling one house to buy another... this week saw some monumental movement on that score... but there is nothing more that we can do at present, all we can do is sit and wait for other people to do whatever it is goes on behind the scenes... on the plus side, I am really enjoying going through our old things to start the packing process. The memories that we have evoked this week have been fantastic, and some of the old, old photographs we have re-discovered have lead to much laughter from our delighted six year old. I have been discovering that I have more than one copy of some books... cue a couple more car boot sales over the next few weeks to try and reduce the number of archive boxes that the removals guys will be charging us to lift and shift. We're hoping to leave them with only the really big stuff, or the really expensive stuff (that their insurance covers), you know, the foo lions, the sofas, the beds, the washerdrier, the fridge freezer, the tv, I want to say "you get the idea", but if stuff goes to plan, that will actually be all that they shift for us!

Anyway, wish us luck, and don't forget to check back next week for my review of Intractable Heart, and on Sunday 22nd for a guest post by the author, Judith Arnopp! 

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