So, it's been over a month since my last blog post, sorry about that! I have been creating one in the background, but it isn't finished yet... I will post it at some point, I promise!

August has been a strange, strange month. Early in the month, we (beloved and I) took a week off work, we did house-stuff, we had long lunches, we went for walks, went shopping, played tennis, spent time together and also spent time with Darling Daughter. I even managed to squeeze in an extended write-in! It was nice.

I did some work on a blog post about 'Where I Live', but as I haven't finished taking photographs for it yet, it hasn't made it to the actual blog... but it is in progress, and at some point, I will post it... probably not for a while though, as tomorrow, we move out of our home of the last 8 years, and into temporary accommodation, in a different town... argh! So, my current 'Where I Live' post, will be wrong. AS a result, I shall save it for when we move into our new home, which will be back in Sunny-Funcorn! I may, in the meantime, do a post about Frodsham, where our temporary accommodation will be/is... it's there already, but it's not our accommodation yet, so not certain which tense to use... it's making me... tense... geddit? Never mind. I'm currently sobbing into a strawberry daiquiri and trying to watch all the shows on our tivo box before the service goes off tomorrow!

Anyway, back to August. We went on our family holiday, with extended family, to Weymouth. Visited Maiden Castle, saw a Viking Muster, visited Portland Bill, the Beach, the Harbour, saw a circus show, visited Salisbury Cathedral on the way home, and generally had a nice time!
View from Maiden Castle, Dorchester
Viking Muster
Donkey Sanctuary
Portland Bill
Weymouth Harbour
Circus Performers
Salisbury Cathedral
The Tomb of William Longspee

I walked the Eddisbury Way with Walking Club over the Bank Holiday weekend. That was rather problematic in places, due to overgrown footpaths, brambles, nettles and hawthorn bushes that really, really wanted to savage our skin, dogs in gardens with no divide between the public right of way and the garden they were in, cows in fields, what looked like a badger set, styles that weren't solid/secure and steps so steep I, as a taller than average, fully grown adult female, struggled to step up/down them as my legs aren't long enough! Some parts (in the forest for example) were awfully picturesque, and the food at the two pubs we stopped at was good, as was the wine, and the schnapps. I have it on good authority that the beer was good too.

So, as our internet will be turned off along with the tv package tomorrow, I will try to blog whilst we are in temporary accommodation, but as we don't know how long that will be for, and we don't  know how strong the wifi will be, it may be another month before I blog again...

Wish me luck!


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