The Wirral Way - Attempt 2

This time, we took the train into Liverpool Lime Street, where we took the underground out to the Wirral. Starting at West Kirkby train station. We left the station (through the sweet shop obviously), crossed the road, and joined the Wirral Way.
The Liverpool Underground

The start of the Wirral Way at West Kirkby

We walked as far as Thurstaston, stopping at the cafe for coffee and crumpets. From Thurstaston, we declined to rejoin the Wirral Way, in favour of detouring along the clifftop path, until we went down some steps and walked along the beach!
Modern art sculpture at Thurstaston

Pond at Thurstaston

Cathy laughs in the face of danger...

Panoramic Cliff Top View of the Beach from Thurstaston

The other ladies of our Walking Club


Linda tried out her waterproofs on the blustery beach

Cathy holding the map with no hands!
We walked along the beach until it became the marshes near to Parkgate, when it became impassable, so we did the unthinkable, we scrambled up the rocky cliff-face to get back on course!
It got a bit too boggy and we were struggling

The rocky cliff face that we climbed...

...and didn't see these signs until we got to the top!

We met some other walkers and worked together to find our way back to the Wirral Way
We found our way back onto the route and walked until the bridge where we had rejoined the Wirral Way last time from Parkgate, and then we detoured past the pony sanctuary to Parkgate, where we stopped at the Ship Inn for starters and puddings!
The Pony Sanctuary
More ponies
Parkgate Parade

Then we walked back past the cricket club and back onto the Wirral Way, sticking faithfully along the official route for a while.
We met a man with an arthritic dog who had a wheeled contraption to hep him walk, and who kindly let us take a photograph of his very happy dog!

At Willaston we detoured for more starters at Pollards Inn, before going back onto the route until we reached Hooton Station, where beloved was sat with a car waiting to take me for a very well earned dinner.

Overall, it was 13.9 miles in total. 

Astoundingly, I managed to get a blister, in the same place, but on the other foot! Hoping to do a shorter walk next time as we expect the weather to start to get cooler, possibly wetter, and probably windier. With our pre-Christmas walk in December planned for Chester Zoo!


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