Book Club Bingo

I got the idea for this from the internet. The original version is called 'Reading Bingo' and the aim is to diversify your reading choices. Obviously, when I googled it, it came up with Bingo clubs in Reading at first! I got there eventually though!

I have been doing the challenge (based on the Random House card) myself, and been enjoying it, but for book-club, I wanted something that looked more like a regular bingo card. A quick google discovered that the Random House Reading Bingo Challenge is based on an American bingo card, but being British, I'm used to bingo cards that look more like this one;

So, I started by making a list of 90 criteria for books. Really random things like 'a book with a black cover', or 'a book which starts with someone waking up', or 'a book set in Wales', I sorted the criteria into alphabetical order, then I used a random bingo card generator (My Free Bingo Cards), chose to make British bingo cards, and used one set to put the criteria over the numbers, then printed them out, chopped them up, and off we went!

I have included the full set of six at the bottom here, if anyone wants to use them, please feel free.

The rules are pretty simple. One book can only tick off one criteria, so a book with a black cover, set in Wales, which starts with someone waking up, would only tick one of those criteria, even if all three were on your card. If you expect to read 90 books over the next twelve months, by all means, use all six to get your 90 criteria, however, with my other commitments, I am going to stick to aiming for 52 books per year, and 15 of them will fit my book-club bingo challenge... I'll pick a different card for 2016!

As for other reading challenges;

  1. I am still trying to get through my huge list (also known as 'THE List'). I aim for one book per month from that, but I regularly fall down. In 2015 though, I am going to be more dilligent!
  2. My friend runs a Facebook Group which aims to read two Classic Children's books each month. I can't always keep up, but I will aim to do at least one of the selections each month.
  3. The Alphabet Challenge, A minimum of 26 books (grateful I'm not Welsh for this challenge, their alphabet has 28 letters) with each title starting with a different letter of the alphabet. I have manged about half in 2014 so far, but I started late, and am not allowing any books which start with A or The, which other people do, and then ignore the A or the The... I'm just so strict. I'm still hoping to finish this year, but we'll see! Definitely next year though.
  4. 52 Book Challenge, basically, averaging one book each week. There's an online support group, and as I mentioned, I'm two books behind so far, but I passed it last year, and there's still time yet!
I'm hoping that next year will be easier and more settled as we have finally moved house, so all that stress and distraction will be gone!

On that note, I have yet more boxes to unpack! But I can't tell you how happy I am to be not living in a caravan anymore. Although in hindsight, whilst it wasn't the best experience ever, it could have been much worse! The site was peaceful, there was almost no light pollution, so we got some amazing views of the stars, and we had our own space, and could keep the cats with us.

The Tin Hut of Doom, also known as the Static Caravan we lived in temporarily.




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