Monday, 13 October 2014

Pinata Cake

If you accidentally stumbled onto my last blog post, you may have noticed one or two comments about a cake.

Well, it's Tyglet's birthday next week and she wants a pinata/anti-gravity cake, so I practiced the pinata part of the cake a week early (I have since discovered that pinata cakes can be purchased, so that will be what she gets!).

Firstly, learning from my mistakes, I haven't finished unpacking all of my kitchen stuff, so I only had a single silicon baking dish - which was a square dish that was too wide and shallow really. If I ever make one again, I'd make it in a smaller, deeper cake dish.

As it was, I made a vanilla sponge and a chocolate sponge. I cut the chocolate sponge into two layers and then used a scone shaper to cut a circle out of the middle of the vanilla sponge.

I put a layer of the chocolate sponge on the bottom (with jam and butter cream) then the vanilla sponge, filled the hole with sweeties (m&ms and jelly tots), then jam and butter cream, then the other layer of chocolate sponge and then I covered the whole thing with caramel flavoured butter cream.

It wasn't the neatest thing that I have ever baked, but it tasted ok. The sugar came off some of the jelly tots, so I probably wouldn't use them again, and some of the m&ms were a bit soggy, so I'd probably use smarties in future. In fairness, I had intended too, but the coop had run out of smarties, so we bought m&ms instead... I know, complete shocker! I will let them off though, because they are usually pretty good, and it's not their fault that everyone else wanted smarties on the same day as I did... 

Anyway, here is the result. I wasn't massively happy with it, but everyone else was, and the cake (which smelled like it was overdone but was luckily caught in time) was really nice, moist and tasty on it's own.

Sadly, although the oven managed a bang-up job of the cake, the element in the oven went on Sunday whilst I was mid-way through making our first roast dinner in our new home! Not only did it make the oven decide to 'not get warm' anymore, but when it went, it took the rest of the electrics down with it! Having aimed originally for a one o'clock dinner, it was almost 4pm by the time we were able to eat, and none of it was actually roasted! Luckily, the hob still works, I'd done the lamb in the slow-cooker anyway, and we have a microwave with  a built in oven/grill!!

Not my finest hour, but we got food on the table eventually. We looked online for new built in electric ovens (very expensive) but will try replacing the element first. We've been told it's easy enough to do and pretty inexpensive! Wish us luck!

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