Tuesday, 2 December 2014


It can't be December already? Surely?

There were times when this year dragged, but, here we are, the advent house has been stocked and the first few windows have been opened, and the end of 2014 is nigh... they have even played Slade on Radio 2 today. And if Noddy Holder yells "It's Chriiissttmmmaaaassss!" at me, well, who am I to argue? So the trees are up and we have received our first card (and a handmade one at that)!
Little Bit's Advent House
Another NaNoWriMo has ended, and although I made 71k (my highest score yet), I still have not finished the actual story. I am going to write, at least once a week, throughout the whole of 2015 (not just November), and as well as working on my current story (I shan't call it a novel, until it truly is one), I am working on some short stories, so I'll have plenty of variety to keep me interested, and hopefully, I get to start typing "The End", because I definitely need the practice at that!

Life is starting to get back to normal after NaNo, and I've been reviewing my reading list. I only need another two books to clear off my bingo card, but I am terribly behind (with three weeks left) for the 52 book challenge, and the alphabet challenge has been failed for this year. I have, however, set my goals for 2015. Starting with the Alphabet Challenge (from scratch). I have decided to allow one book to count for only one category in each challenge, but it can count in multiple challenges... so, my 26 alphabet challenge books can count towards my 52 book challenge for 2015 too. I also want to include the 20 World Book Night books for 2015. Ideally, I want to read them before World Book Night (23rd April), but they can count (where applicable) to both the alphabet and 52 book challenges. I have a new reading bingo card, and I am challenging myself to read not the usual 12, but fifteen books from "The List" next year!
I am also setting my self stitching goals. I want to get back to working on my mammoth project, The Queen of Hearts, from Heaven and Earth Designs, which has been languishing for over a year since it went into storage before we moved house. I shall start again before the new year, but I aim to stitch, on just this one project, for at least one hour each week (exceptions will be while we are away on holibobs as I shan't be taking it away with us!)

Another goal for 2015 is to take at least one photograph each week on my camera (rather than my phone). No theme, or particular subject matter, but I want to improve, and have a nice collection of pictures by the end of the year. And I shall state now, so I can't back out... I don't want to cheat and just take arty photos of things around the house! The odd one of a particularly impressive home-grown bloom, or vegetable I may allow myself, and I will take photos of my stitching as I go along, but no "arty" shots of quill pens. Hopefully this will be the year I get an adaptor to connect my camera to my telescope and there may be some funky space shots, but don't hold your breath!

There's the usual weight loss and exercise goals, I have some exciting things planned for book club (if I can organise them). I will try harder to learn enough Norwegian to hold a proper conversation, rather than asking directions to Parliament Street, and I'd like to be able to order more food than a sandwich and perhaps order something other than beer or wine to drink (not that that's a problem, but it might be nice to be able to have a glass of water!). Also, now that we've moved house and everything is out of storage, I want to unpack the remaining boxes (yes, still) in my office. I want to sew again (I think a new baguette bag for me, and I have some gorgeous silk I picked up to make a skirt for Little Bit) and I want to play music. Oh, I'm dreadful at it, but I do enjoy it, and the more I practice, apparently the better I will get! And so, I shall practice, at least once a week... or at least, that is the plan.

I hope to blog again before the end of December, and next year I shall aim for a more regular weekly blog, but just in case, I shall take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hogmanay and all the best for 2015 x

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