Sunday, 28 December 2014

Last Post - 2014

So, since my last post, we've celebrated the birth of Mithras, Odin brought gifts, we've celebrated Yuletide and carried out belated Saturnalia traditions... yes, Christmas has happened!

It snowed, not actually on Christmas Day, but Boxing Day, it was close enough and very pretty on our tree...

It is not yet Hogmanay, but we're off out for our second annual Hogmanay meal at the pub with our friends for a five course feast (beloved is on call and can't drink this year, so he is driving which means that I can! Mwahaha. - Sorry, anyway).

Yes, 2015 beckons, and unlike last year when I did not set any resolutions because I never stick to them anyway, I am setting well, maybe not resolutions, but targets?

Firstly, I shall read 52 books.
Secondly, I shall stitch at least once per week. This shall include my Queen of Hearts project which was shelved for over a year, and although I won't get that finished, I have four other projects that I want to finish before next Christmas.
Thirdly, I shall sew at least one project each month. Starting with small projects (like bags), and working up to large projects like a silk dress for girl child (I have a lovely piece of silk).
Fourth, I shall do a free online course. I'd quite like to do a maths course that the OU offer to people thinking about an OU course, I'll see how the free one goes before deciding if I want to do any paid-for ones.
Fifth, I shall do more excercise (walking, pilates, Nordic Walking) and eat less, or at least more healthily. Obviously, weight loss would be the ultimate goal. I am aiming for at least one dress size smaller. (Hey, little targets).
Finally, I am absolutely going to save money and spend less in 2015... Beloved will be pleased!

Anyway, looking forward to a creative and productive 2015 when I will do my best to blog weekly!

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