Friday, 16 January 2015

Week 1

It's currently the end of week two, and I have put off this blog post long enough already.

Firstly, I already told you about the secret wedding, and the rest of week one passed in a blur of work, and very little else until Wednesday, when world events became the focus of all western media.

I don't want to be controversial or start jumping all over band wagons, but I am aware of what happened.

Even the weekend was pretty quiet. I barely read, I barely stitched, I did go to the cinema (a lot) and also did some housework (not too much, didn't want to go all overboard, but some).

This week's been a bit better, but I shall save that for the next post.

I did manage to stick to some (if not all) of my new years resolutions. They're not the sort of thing I'm just going to shrug and say "well, didn't manage today, might as well give up", there the sort where, I didn't manage today, tomorrow I'll do better. And I have been doing.

I made it to my Nordic Walking class again, it was slightly warmer (which means also slightly muddier) this week, but at least I'd remembered my emergency shoes for driving home in!
Excuse the glare, I was trying to capture the sparkle of the tree
We don't think this is a mere in Summer, just an iced over flooded area
I did manage to finish one short story, I've included it on my list of 52 (I bought it, I read it, it's a published book, just a short one) and then went back to my book for the review group I'm in (I had every intention of finishing it in Week 1, truly, but it took me until Monday, which made it week 2). 

I set another resolution too. I shall walk (for leisure purposes - and it includes jogging/running... don't laugh. It might happen) 300 miles in 2015. That's 6 miles per week with 2 weeks off, and I usually do around 3 miles in a Nordic Walking class (it's a leisure activity, it counts), and that's around an hour long (including stops for stretches) so I only need to do about another hour a week of walking, at a moderate pace, not even all at the same time. I made a good start by walking into the village at lunchtime one day from the office instead of driving to the post office, that was 1.6 miles... and sadly the only other walking I did apart from the Nordic Walking class, but, I can make that up with a good long walk round the zoo one weekend!

Anyway. New blog post will probably be up much earlier next week, and I'm going to try to post by Thursdays in future...

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