Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Week 7 & Lent 1

This week had a lot to recommend it. Tuesday was Shrove Tuesday! In case you don't know, pancake day is one of my favourite days of the year. We had normal pancakes (more like crepes than the fat little ones some people have) with a selection of toppings from the classic lemon and sugar, to sliced bananas and butterscotch syrup and strawberries and nutella. We also got adventurous and made lemon and poppy seed pancakes. I have to be honest, the recipe was for the little fat pancakes and if I'm honest, I suspect it may have worked better as fat pancakes, the flavour and crunch of poppy seed was a little lost on our crepes, but they were still nice!

Obviously, if Tuesday was Shrove Tuesday, Wednesday was Ash Wednesday and the start of lent! This year, I thought about giving something up, but I have decided to do a proper healthy eating & exercise regime. I signed up to the British Heart Foundations 10 minute challenges as well. They send me an email each morning with a suggestion to improve your heart health. Some of them have been really easy, and some have been tonnes of fun! The one for Ash Wednesday was to dance like no one was watching for 10 minutes. That was fun. Another day was to sneak hidden veg into a meal. I've been counting my calories (some days with more success than others) and I've been doing interval training on the shiny new elliptical strider.

Neko - butter wouldn't melt, right?

Now, a couple of nights in the week, Neko, one of our cats, brought a mouse into the house. Neko, unlike his brother, really isn't a killer though, so, on both occasions beloved rescued the terrified thing and re-released it into the wild, further away from the house the second night, and Neko hasn't brought it back since, luckily. I say luckily, not just from the mouse's perspective, but also from mine... you see beloved and Itsy were all for keeping it as a pet!!! 

With this in mind, we got up disgustingly early on Sunday and headed off to a car boot sale... not selling anything this time, but officially looking for a cage to keep a "pet" mouse in!!! You can imagine how upset I was that we couldn't find one. We did buy a few books, a paperweight, there was a chap selling furry kiddies boots (new ones) and he had a pair in Itsy's size in hot pink. You won't be surprised to know that we had to buy a pair of those.

We got home in time for Itsy's friend to come for lunch and a play date, and then it was time for book club! Our challenge for this month is choose a film that won an Oscar for best picture and was based on a book, and read the book. There's a lot to choose from, so we're hoping there'll be a wide variety when we come to discuss it next time.

I also made it for a trip to the zoo, we walked approximately 10km just around the zoo, and were able to see glimpses of the new Islands project being built. Obviously, this means that I will finish this week's blog post with some obligatory zoo photos. Just from my phone though, didn't take my proper camera.

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