Monday, 16 February 2015

Week Six

This is the first week I have struggled to blog about. 

The furthest I walked was just over a mile from our house to my parents home, following daughter as she rode her bike. She was staying overnight and cycled all the way there (with no stabilisers). The only photo I really took was of the water tower, because I was too busy trying to keep up with her as she freewheeled down hills and I was terrified she'd fall off and I woudn't be able to catch her!

So, she's incredibly pleased with herself for having been on her first cycling holiday! I didn't like to tell her how far she'd probably have to cycle on a real cycling holiday, or for how many days she'd have to do it for! Let her revel in her accomplishment.

Speaking of accomplishments, the orchid I bought while we were staying in the tin hut of doom, is not only still alive, but has shiny new flowers!
This is the longest I've ever kept one alive for, so I'm rather proud of myself.

Anyway, next week is half term, and I'm taking a few days off so hopefully we'll go somewhere fun and take some nice pictures!

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