Sunday, 1 March 2015

Week 8 and Lent 2

Back to work this week. I have made an effort to get out and about at lunchtimes though. I have walked between 1.2 - 1.5 miles most days. I didn't manage on Wednesday, when I took a late lunch to attend a special assembly at school, but I did manage to attend the Friday Nordic Walking Class at lunchtime.

Tuesday's lunchtime walk along the canal.

I have chosen to read Bridge on the River Kwai, by Pierre Boulle, as my Oscar themed book for book club this month. The film version won 7 Oscars, one of which was the Oscar for Best Picture in 1958, and I bought the book years ago, and then never actually got around to reading it! 

I am also exceptionally pleased and proud to have been chosen as a World Book Night 2015 Volunteer to give out books to non-readers to try and encourage them. The book I will be giving out is "When God was a Rabbit" by Sarah Winman. World Book Night isn't until 23rd April, so my challenge is to finish all of the books on the World Book Night 2015 list before then, and When God was a Rabbit, should probably be next on my list! I have already made a start by reading Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death by MC Beaton earlier this year, and I do own a few of the others already, but I shall be hitting up the library for the rest to keep costs down.

The other book that I am currently reading (I promise to finish at least one this week) is called A Widow's Walk off the Grid to Self Reliance, by Annie Dowd. When Annie was widowed and the medical costs left her with very limited funds, she took the opportunity to lease a house with 50 acres and try living off the grid. This one was recommended in a book group, and so far I'm really enjoying the story. It's based on Annie's real life experience and she is an incredibly brave, and resourceful woman.

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