Sunday, 19 April 2015

Back to work

So, post holiday back to work. A week which included a dental appointment (all clear, see you in six months) was never going to have much to commend it.

The weekend, although busy, has been fun though.

After ballet class, I experimented with LittleBit's hair before we went to a birthday party. The hairdo came loose and bobbles were removed in time for the making of mud pies at the party. Then we caught up with some friends, met two ladies with horses at the pub, we don't live in a city, they were in the beer garden and the horses were with them. Billy and Romero. (the horses names, not the ladies, and no photos I'm afraid, but they were all lovely.) Then we had a sort-of impromptu dinner party (large lasagne, salad and chips for six adults, two children and a baby), and that was just Saturday!

On Sunday morning we took the children to the park and visited a local art gallery (sadly, I am far too poor to have bought all the beautiful wildlife paintings they had for sale), and after lunch we visited the Red Squirrel Reserve at Formby to complete daughter's homework project (to be handed in to school tomorrow morning) and eat ice cream. Sadly, we didn't see any red squirrels, but we did see this robin and met a lovely lady who worked at the reserve and was kind enough to talk to LittleBit, in language she understood, about the conservation of red squirrels.

I can currently hear daughter singing in the shower, and once she is in bed, I shall curl up and try to finish my book. Fingers crossed that next week is fun-filled and pleasant!

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