Catch Up

So, I missed a week... I had intended to write one and schedule it to be posted while I was on holiday, but I forgot. (Sorry.)

So, we went to Mallorca. We had a week at an all inclusive resort in Cala d'or (which translates into Cove of Gold), and we did as little as possible. It was lovely. Bit chilly in the evenings, and during the day when the wind picked up, but it was mostly warm, it was sunny enough to achieve minor sunburn through factor 50 (reapplied regularly throughout the day), and it was pretty.

I got a few photos from the plane and lots of the beach - so I've added a few at the end of this post.

I read The Bat by Jo Nesbo. I started reading The Redbreast, but I felt I was missing some backstory, so I found the first Harry Hole story and read that on holiday. I'm back reading the Redbreast this week.

The Bat sees Harry, a recovering alcoholic, travel to Australia, where a young Norwegian national was found brutally murdered in Sydney. The plot follows Harry and the Australian police team as they figure out that the murder was part of a much larger case, with a serial killer who has been travelling around Australia, which is why the cases had not previously been linked together.

I did not figure out 'whodunnit' (I bet that came as no surprise), but the explanation was full. I'll be honest, I found the plot a little bit convoluted, and I was concerned when around the halfway mark it appeared that the case was all tied up, but then, all was not as it seemed.

I found the character frustrating, especially when he began a relationship with a witness and worse, started drinking again! It was very much about the detective and his life and problems. 

Anyway, I feel more confident that I understand the detective better now, so I don't need to read the other, earlier stories, and am happy to plough through the Redbreast, knowing (as far as with a series) what sort of thing to expect.

Lined up next is Wyrd Sisters by the late, great Terry Pratchett, which I expected to have started already. I am also reading When God was a Rabbit by Sarah Winmore, which is the book I shall be gifting to non-readers on world Book Night.

Anyway, here's my few photos from Mallorca and the flight there and back!

it's very faint between cloud cover and the ice on the plane windows, but I think that this is Guernsey.


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