Sunday, 12 April 2015

Week 12 (oops - wrote it, and forgot to post it, sorry it's belated!)

Lent is officially over! Palm Sunday has been and gone, and we are now in holy week.

Speaking of lent, some new things I learned this year, include why St Patrick's Day is so hugely popular. Firstly, it's important to understand that Lent was originally a period of fasting, so there would have been no meat, not just on Fridays, very little in the way of sweets and generally not a fun time to eat, especially if you weren't a very rich person! Historically, even before it had religious purposes, the period we now call lent would have fallen as the preserved food from last year was running out, and before this years crop was ready to be eaten, so it would have been a pretty lean time of year. Then, along comes St Patrick's Fest day, an official, Vatican approved feast day, smack bang in the middle of lent, a day when fasting restrictions were lifted! So, a day off from whatever you have given up for lent, be it meat, chocolate, beer... I can see precisely why it's such a popular day!

So, history lesson for the week over, this week has also had a day off from lent which is not Vatican Sanctioned, but observed nonetheless, my birthday! Beloved very kindly took me to a tapas restaurant near to us that we (ok, I) really, rather like! Pan y Vino is lovely, the staff are attentive and friendly and the food was fabulous! Especially the churros... come on, you know I like my deserts!
We also went for Sushi on Sunday, and I had a salmon teriyake Super Mega Bowl, before Yo! Sushi stop selling them on Tuesday of this week. Beloved and daughter both had a few smaller dishes, and enjoyed them, which they weren't expecting. It was Beloved's second sushi experience (he hated the first) and Littlebit's first... her eyes were as big as dinner plates watching the dishes on the conveyor belt, I think I finally converted them!
I had a birthday cake too, so it's been a pretty good weekend for food!
I haven't done very much reading, as I am still trying to clear the Tivo box down before we go on holiday, but I have made a dent in my Hawaii Five-0 watching... 
I haven't done as much walking as I would have liked, but I have met my step count goal three out of five weekdays during the week... 

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