Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Last Weekly Post...

Rather than continuing with my weekly blog, which tends to be rambling and varies greatly from week-to-week, I would like to try blogging monthly from now on. My first monthly post will be at the end of May/start of June and I hope that it will include regular topics, such as;

  • Book Club - I'd like to review the monthly book that we read, and give the book for next month (this is decided by the group at each meeting).
  • Recipes - I have signed up to go to a Clandestine Cake Club meeting in May (this moth's theme is Hidden veg), but it may not always be baking recipes, I would like to just have a recipe each month (that I have tried).
  • Gardening - I have finally reached a point at which I am going to start gardening in the new garden (will be very different to gardening in our old garden), and my plan is to discuss what I have done each month (I am not an expert, this is likely to be experimentation).
  • Walking/Exercise - My main form of exercise is walking, so it may be descriptions of long walks, as previous posts have been, or it may be talking about other exercise classes that I have tried.
  • Stitching/Sewing/Crafting - I'm not a designer, so it's unlikely to be free patterns (unless I link to them elsewhere) but probably progress updates.
  • Photography - I am going to make a concerted effort to use my DSLR more from May onwards and not rely on photos from my phone, I'm learning, I can take a good auto, but I'm still getting to grips with the manual settings, so again, I'm not an expert, this is experimentation!
I will still ramble on about exciting and different events that occur, May has a General Election and a Eurovision Song Contest going on for starters!

Anyway, that's the new plan... last week though!
Well, I tried a new ballet class for grown ups. I am trying it again this week, and will see how it goes, alas, my back and neck ached on Friday morning, so we'll see if this week is better or not.

I didn't get back to walking class due to circumstances beyond my control, they evening class that I used to go to has started up again, but I currently have a friends daughter on a Tuesday night for tea, so will be sticking to Sunday mornings for a while.

There were two birthdays (each including a meal out with family) and a bank holiday weekend, when we walked through the park!

We also bought a Sjoelbak board. This arrived fairly early in the week, and is a game we played on holiday last month, and loved. So we bought one so we could play at home, and have become rather addicted... this is it on our dining table (the dining table does extend so it fits on fully, but we were too excited to waste time extending the dining table when it first arrived). The other photos are from our walks through the park... Anyway, next blog post should be live on or before 7th June, have a great month!

Sjoelbak board
Kickabout at the park
The miniature railway at the park
Bluebells in the woods
The Water Tower

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