Catch Up: Weeks 42 & 43 -

Between Parent's Evening (went well), and Girl Child's birthday and associated party (both of which also went well), we've been rather busy, hence this post being monumentally late! However, to compensate, I have a few new zoo pics.

The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed that this post is being uploaded on a Wednesday morning... fear not, this week (week 44), we've taken a few days of for half term - but more on that next time.

Now that girl child is a big eight, she is allowed to go on the Junior Members' trips from Chester Zoo. There was one scheduled for the very next Saturday after her birthday and so, with no small amount of trepidation, we duly deposited our big eight at the zoo at 9:30 on a Saturday morning and waved as she boarded a coach bound for Blackpool Zoo.

We went for lunch in Chester (using the Park and Ride) and then went back to the zoo for a few hours in the afternoon, where we went round the newly opened part of the Islands exhibit, before collecting a very happy munchkin, who had taken many (blurry) photos.



LittlBit was extraordinarily pleased that Blackpool Zoo had wolves, which Chester Zoo doesn't have, but she does like wolves. Neither Beloved nor I have been to Blackpool Zoo, but we've promised to go at some point, and let LittleBit show us around.

Anyway, that's for another time, for now, that's the end of a very short post and to finish, here're my photos from Chester:


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