Week 45 - Birmingham and Back Up Your NaNo!

As the title suggests, I spent last week in Birmingham, for a work's training course.

I got to celebrate Diwali Day at the office in aid of the Birmingham Children's Hospital.

I was also there for Poppy Day, when Birmingham had poppy sellers, not just on every corner, but literally every few hundred yards. They already have the Christmas Tree up outside the town hall, but rather than the usual decorations, it had poppies on it, as did the Bull outside the Bull ring!


I didn't take my DSLR (I took too much stuff as it was, I'll know better for next time), and the German Christmas Markets will be open by next time I go, so more photos then!

So, on to NaNoWriMo;

I was behind on my word count this year anyway, but then, I lost it, all of it, twice! Learn, people, learn from my mistake! BACK UP YOUR NaNo Novels!!

So, I'm starting from scratch... I need to do a minimum of 2,500 words per day to catch up from now. I know that this is entirely do-able. So, I shall start over this evening, and let's see how we get on!

Author Visit

Our Book Club occasionally manages to get an author to visit, and this weekend we were lucky enough to have Robert Low visit us. He mainly talked about the first book of his Kingdom Series, The Lion Wakes, which we had read, however, his talk covered topics as diverse as politics, research, and the Big Bang Theory!

He was friendly, approachable, and funny to listen to.

Next month, we're having a 'free read' where rather than one book which we all read, we all discuss what we've read, and we're having our Christmas Meal at the pub, at the same time!

Otherwise, it's been a pretty quiet week!


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