Thursday, 2 June 2016

June - and the half year rocket

I had planned to make this post, a mid-year review. However, let's be honest here, it's not been going well.

Most of my challenges went out of the window while I was preparing for walking the Camino de Santiago, and although I spent at least 2 hours a day training, for at least a month before we went, and it was nowhere near enough! However, that's for another post!

The really lengthy, monthly posts, were too hard to write while I was training, I am (as of 2nd June) eleven books behind schedule for the 52 book challenge. I've almost entirely given up on the 52 weeks of cooking, mainly after the week of "mac and cheese" which is probably the most loathsome concoction I have ever had the misfortune to taste! There was nothing I could do to make that edible.

My average step count is through the roof though (including the day last week when the fitbit died while we were away and I couldn't recharge it, and the week a few months ago when I couldn't sync it because I broke my phone and had to wait for it to come back from having a screen repair (this, people, is the reason we pay that expensive phone insurance!).

However, I have recently stumbled across a two year old comment on reddit, I can't even remember what kind of self-help, anti-procrastination thing I was procrastinating to read in order to stumble across the comment, but rule number one, No more zero days, really struck a chord.

And so, it is decided, henceforth, all of my resolutions shall boil down to "No more zero days". Now, I just have to prioritise my goals and do something about them.

So far in June (I know, two entire days!!!), I have been fairly successful. I have read, I have practiced playing my guitar, I have done actual exercise. Hell, I've even finally got around to writing a blog post after six months...

I still have my spreadsheet (I know exactly how sad that sounds, and I'm ok with that), and I am determined to catch up. I have seven months left of 2016 (including June, it's only the second, there is month left yet), so I'm going to do a full on status check over the next few days, and make a start catching up on all the challenges that I am behind on.

No more zero days is the rocket (you know the saying I mean) that is going to propel the rest of this year into resolution keeping awesomeness.

And on that note, I need to go and collect the short one from karate class. Until next time, which won't be as long as last time!

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