Another August Post - Pete's Dragon and Chirk Castle

I do remember the original film Pete's Dragon, but not very well. I don't remember the plot, just that Elliott was a cartoon, while the rest of the film was live action, and there was a sea front or something...? Well, that film's older than I am, so the fact that I remember it at all, is good going, right?

Okay, anyway. On Friday evening we were able to take LittleBit to see the new version, and it was fabulous!

The very start of the film had the potential to be harrowing, for adults as well as kids, but it was really well handled, although it left more than a few of the audience wiping their eyes. The film is set, I think, in the 70s or 80s by some of the costumes, and lack of tv, digital radio and cds, which I think helps the plot, which may be a little fantastical if there was a dragon, but not every human being in sight using a smart phone to live stream it to the universe! It's subtly done though, not outrageous 70s outfits or behaviour we couldn't expect today.

The plot carries in waves with excitement and quiet moments taking it in turns to lead the story, rather than a plod followed by a headlong rush. The soundtrack is subtle and well done, the background music is primarily just that, background music, it suits the scene it is for and is pleasant, not jarring.

The CGI is, quite honestly, brilliant. I know it's a film, I know it's make believe, but it's not obvious that it's not real. (That dragon trainer is one hell of an animal trainer!!)

The film is absolutely suitable for everyone, and I defy you to not be moved if you do go and watch it.

Definite five star film!

And so, Chirk Castle.

After LittleBit's swimming class (no more netball until September), we drove to Chirck (about 40 minutes away) to meet some friends and their children for a day trip. They've been before, although we haven't, and I epically failed to get a good picture of the castle, so here's the National Trust Page, where you can see it.

We had a picnic lunch in the gardens, with a picnic, sandwich loaf I'd made (James Martin's recipe - well, sort of, I didn't have the right stuff in, and we're fussy, so I bodged it, to quite good effect I might add). But more on that (including pics and our ploughmans version, next time).

And then we wandered around the castle itself, visited the tea rooms for cake, and the gift shop (stuffed wolf, named Chirky, obviously - if you look carefully, the photo has a bonus Talyn in the background too).

We had a fabulous visit, all of the staff and volunteers we met were lovely, informative and I can't tell you how helpful! We'll definitely go again.

We finished the day with a barbeque at our friends' homes, while the kids played and we discussed the merits of particular vacuum cleaners, and speakers that appear to work by physical proximity to your phone (definitely not blue tooth, possibly NFC? we weren't sure, but it worked!) and generally had a fabulous evening!


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