We went camping. We have developed a liking for not going far (after last year's excursion to Delamere), and so we revisited the Buxton area (we visited with family in May).

We stayed at a campsite a little way outside Buxton, and we went into Buxton almost every day, even if just to visit the shops.

We really are very fond of our tent, which is a sadly discontinued Outwell Cleveland 5p, and what we refer to as a portable 2 bedroomed flat, which does lack a bathroom, but is otherwise pretty fabulous.

We use the front area (without the groundsheet that was included with the tent), as half a garage (above) and half a kitchen (below).

The middle area is the living/dining area (enough headroom to stand, well, for us, we're all under 6'), with bedrooms beyond (which we can stand up in, just, on one side at least). There's zip-up doors for both bedrooms, and also between the living area and the kitchen/garage, which we can just half close. To the side of the living/dining area (the right of the above pic) is a side door which can be fully opened, or opened leaving insect blocking mesh in place, and we have porch poles for this side door too, just no photos of them in use.

Double airbed for us...

Single airbed for LittleBit.

Apart from being on something of a slope, the campsite was lovely. There were two goats near to the toilet and shower block. Brother and Sister, Jake and Ruby, but I only managed to get a photo of Ruby, sorry.

We obviously enjoyed some traditional camping food on our fire pit/barbeque;

We did enjoy a few days out (for later posts), managed to visit the Thai Restaurant that my colleague had recommended (Simply Thai, very good) and spent quite a lot of time resting, found the play park LittleBit had enjoyed last time and visited the Pavillion Gardens (no photos this time). All in all, a very good holiday.


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