James Martin's Picnic Loaf... well, sort of... ish

As per my previous post, for our day out to Chirk Castle, we made a picnic, the centrepiece of which was our 'ploughmans' version of James Martin's Pic-nic Sandwich loaf.

Well, between us being fussy, and not having the ingredients in, we bodged it. But do you know what, eating it for lunch in the gardens of Chirk castle and looking at views like this; it wasn't right bad!

So, what did I do?

First, I took an unsliced loaf out of the freezer. It wasn't the loaf in the recipe linked above (sorry, the one I got was smaller, and I bought it from the reduced section for 5p), and we didn't cook any ingredients first.

We layered shredded chicken, salami, smoked cheese, lettuce, cucumber and sliced apple into the hollowed out loaf, replaced the top, and wrapped in foil (because we'd run out of cling film), and refrigerated overnight.

I did forget to get a photo of it sliced, luckily, one of our friends managed to get a snap of it cut! Looking at it, I probably should have hollowed it out a bit more, but it was alright.
© A Worsell

It was more difficult to eat than ordinary sandwiches, but it was nice for a change.


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