Pre-NaNo Post 2: Planning v Pantsing.

If you have already spent some time perusing the NaNoWriMo website, you may have already come across the terms Planner and Pantser, and may already be familiar with their meanings, but if you're not sure... read on.


A Planner is a Wrimo who plans the plot of their novel. Some planners plan in great detail, some simply have a plot outline. 

I have always found I do better when I have a plan, however, sometimes even the best laid plans go awry! 


Which is when pantsing comes into play. This is the idea of flying by the seat of one's pants, having no plan, winging it. By the end of November, I will be pantsing like a professional, however, I am going to try to stick to the plan as long as possible this year.

Obviously, if you're planning on pantsing this November, that's your planning done already! 

If you are just plain old planning, we have some work to do!
This year...

This year, I'm starting with a plot; for example (and this isn't my NaNo plot) Vicky is accused of a murder she didn't commit and has to prove her innocence. (Actually, that is pretty similar to my NaNo plot... )

My plan is to flesh this out in rounds.

Round 1

Work out a more detailed synopsis. Why is Vicky accused, who died, how, where should Vicky start trying to prove she is innocent?

This should be approx one page with a normal sized typeface.

Round 2

Break it down into chapters. Start with where the story starts, include the major plot points and any twists, right through to the denouement. Should be at least one paragraph per chapter.

This should cover a few pages, depending on no of chapters, between 3-5.

Round 3

Add significant details and foreshadowing. You're not writing the novel yet, just making sure you add significant plot points, make notes for foreshadowing (without spoiling it) and add notes to myself. e.g. *hint at backstory, where was Vicky before she moved here.

Round three should be fairly detailed and, again depending on the number of chapters, cover up to 10 pages.

So, that's the plan, let's see how it goes!


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