On Friday night, I attended the leaving do of a colleague. After drinks in a city centre bar we went to Breakout Manchester (we had booked, don't panic) and split into groups to attempt to solve the clues and escape from a locked room within an hour.

We were asked not to take photographs or talk about the puzzles, so it doesn't ruin it for other people, which is fair enough. What I can tell you though, is that we were in teams of 5 (maximum to one room), locked in, and on camera (in our room the staff could hear us, that must have given them a laugh).

We had to figure out (using clues provided) the combinations of locks in order to open draws, cupboards, boxes and bags, which contained either cards (to eliminate numbers so we could work out the code to unlock the door) or keys (to unlock other locks).

We didn't make it out, but we apparently did quite well (better than about 70% of people who try the room we were in).

What I can tell you, is that it was fun!

At least one of the clues to unlocking a safe, was a very different clue to the others, and not something that we would probably have been able to work out, without having had it explained to us.

Some of them seemed so obvious once we'd figured them out, but we really did have to keep trying things, and were grateful that the staff could see and hear us, and sent us hints through a tv screen in the room.

Our favourite moment, which has been retold over and over, was when we found a set of keys in a jacket, with which we proceed to try to unlock every lock that needed a key in the room... only to discover that the jacket (and therefore keys too) belonged to one of us, and wasn't actually part of the room!! Oops! 

At one point, we (not me, one of the people I was with) solved a clue before we'd found the proper answer, using a book in the room, rather than the card with the answer on that we were looking for! And one clue, which we were supposed to use some of the books to solve, we worked out by ourselves! Hooray for general knowledge!

Don't panic though, every clue in there could be solved using information found in the room itself, you didn't need any special knowledge in order to solve the clues.

It wasn't very expensive between us, and we have all agreed that it's something we'd try again, and I am planning to go with Beloved and some friends before Christmas, although we are likely to go to Breakout Liverpool, because it's closer to home.


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