Grown Up's Night at Jenny Wren's

If you haven't been to Jenny Wren's, in Stockton Heath, it's a café, where you can paint pre-made ceramic items, and then the staff there glaze, and fire the ceramics in their kiln, and you collect your finished piece about a week later.

We've taken the kids a few times, and LittleBit recently made a birthday present for my Nan, who likes meerkats. This is the finished object, after being glazed and fired.

Sadly, I didn't take a photograph of before it was glazed and fired, because the colours are different...

On the first Thursday of each month, apart from November and December, Jenny Wren's hosts a Grown Ups Night, and J and I, went along in October.

It was quite busy, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, everyone was friendly, and there were some fab conversations had.

The ticket price includes a ceramic item to paint (up to the value of £20, but you can pay the extra for more expensive pieces), snacks and nibbles and corkage, so you can take a bottle of wine. As we were both driving, we demurred.

The staff were, as always, friendly and helpful, explaining how the paint colours would change once glazed and fired, offering sponges, extra tall paint tubes, and paint pens to write with.

Some of the finished items looked outstanding, and there were many, many Christmassy decorations made.




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