2017 - Week One

This week I have photographedThe moon and Venus. If I'm honest, I wasn't sure what the incredibly bright light/star was near to the moon, it was so clear from before the sun set, when the sky was a glorious colour, alas, I was driving so had to wait until we got home and it was dark, but this was the view from outside our house. Prof. Brian Cox confirmed on twitter that lots of people had asked what it was and that it was venus. I used a 55-250mm lens to capture this. We don't have a working telescope at the moment, and I don't have an adaptor for my camera either way, so this is the best I can do at present.

My second subject this week was the Grade II Listed Runcorn Water Tower in Norton - which, by the way, is surprisingly difficult to get a nice clear shot of. Not usually one to moan at trees, but... well, see for yourself!

Bloomin' trees! I think there's another road I can get a view from, so I will try up there in the next few weeks, but the first photo is from the edge of the privately owned land and is as close as you are allowed to get without special permission, as it is still owned by United Utilities.

This week I have been reading Cold Comfort Farm, by Stella Gibbons. Okay, I wanted to give this one 2.5 stars, but Goodreads doesn't allow halves. So I gave it 3. 

It wasn't bad, I just didn't enjoy it. I didn't entirely understand the fantasy elements to be honest, they added nothing to the plot (in my opinion) and were so few and far between, they were easy to ignore. I do wonder what the author would have thought of video calls and drone deliveries if she were still alive today though.

I recognised some of the comedic moments, but I didn't find them funny. I don't know if that is because I am of a different time, or because I am a bit dim.

This week we have watched a film called Ride Along on television. We did laugh, but we also cringed horribly. We watched The Mechanic afterwards as well. We've seen The Mechanic before, and always get it confused with The Transporter, It's not a bad film, it's just not as enjoyable as The Transporter. Also, No Offence is back on tv. Quite honestly one of the better police dramas on British television.

ExerciseI've done some walking, but it's been limited. I haven't done any yoga or pilates, or jogging, or meditation, or cycling. I have, in my defence, had a stonkingly bad migraine and started with a headcold, so it was chicken soup for tea, paracetamol and warm blankets by the fire... which is likely to continue to be the case as there's a cold snap due according to the weather forecasters psychics.

MiscI have done some stitching this week. Not very much, but it won't be my January finish. I'm hoping to do some other needle work to get a finish for this month, and I will work on this one a little each week and hope to finish it later in the year.

This week I have learned about an animal named a Pangolin and I am learning quite a bit about local history and local landmarks. One of my photography projects is to take as many good photographs of Cheshire landmarks as I can. A friend is looking for some for his website. I'm hoping to improve my photography as I go, but I'm also hoping that I'll be able to get some good photos that he can use fairly early on.

I have been writing though. I am aiming to write at least 2,000 words each week, and this week I have managed over 6,000. There's a few things that I am not entirely happy with and would like to go back and edit, but I've added a footnote and moved on, and I'll re-read it later.

I haven't played any music myself, but LittleBit and I have been learning the words to some songs by a band called Against the Current, who we have tickets to see later in the year. This week I have been listening to Disturbed's version of The Sound of Silence, which is from their Immortalized album. Beloved and I are going to see them this month, and I really hope they play The Sound of Silence..

Early start tomorrow, so I'm off to bed.


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