2017 - Weeks 2 and 3

I have been to my first Gig of 2017! We saw In Flames, Disturbed, and Avenged Sevenfold at the Manchester Arena.

Both of the photos are from Disturbed's set, which was our favourite, and they played The Sound of Silence which I love!

As it was an over 18s only gig, we arranged for LittleBit to go for a sleepover at her Aunt and Uncle's house, to whom we are exceedingly grateful! Beloved and I car shared in the morning, and then after work, trammed to the arena (meeting at a mutual change over station) and arrived in plenty of time to find our seats, before the first band started.

We had a fantastic night, it's actually the first time Beloved and I have been to a gig together, without being part of a group, so it was nice. After the gig, we trammed back to the car together, and came home via the kebab house, where, I can recommend the halloumi kebab.

So, that was the first thing off my alphabet list!

We've already reinstated Family Film NIght, when we watched xXx. There's a new one out at the cinema, so we wanted to take LittleBit to watch the new film, and thought she'd better see the first one first. It transpires that there are two other xXx films out, which had entirely passed us by, so we need to try and catch up with those this week too. The first one had many explosions, and a few funny lines, but in my personal opinion, it hasn't aged well. 2/5. However, we loved reinstating Family Film Night, that idea is here to stay!

LittleBit and I also went to see Sing at the cinema. We LOVED it. Definitely looking forward to the DVD so we can sing along. The plot is fabulous, and much more than we expected from the trailers, it's easy to relate to the characters, the song selection is brilliant, and I know LittleBit and I weren't the only people chair dancing. It's an absolute 5* film.

Beloved and I watched Trainspotting again, before the new one comes out. I'm glad we did. I'd forgotten how it ended. I can't believe how young the actors look, and did you remember that Moaning Myrtle was in it? Neither did I! 5*s, mainly for the nostalgia value, but also because, let's be honest, it's still funny, and also real.

On my own, in my quest to watch some films that everyone talks about and I haven't seen, watched Schindler's List.
This was a tear jerker, but I expected that going into this one. It's based on a true story, and it's set in Poland during the Holocaust. It's a definite 5* film, but go in knowing what you're in for, and read about the film, before you watch it, it helps.

As you possibly noticed, I've done some stitching! Mainly I've been working on Bettende Hande, alas, I've miscounted so will be frogging a fair bit this week. But, I did complete the title picture for the A to Z blogpost. Definitely won't be stitching titles for all my blog posts, but I think I will stitch some of them. I have a challenge to make a cushion cover by the end of January, so I need to work on that this week, what with it being almost the end of January already!

I have photographed less than I would have liked, although I did spend a couple of hours at the zoo... these are my favourites, which include the elusive awake status of porcupines, who became somewhat frisky shortly after that photo:

I have been reading The Sinking of RMS Tayleur: the lost story of the Victorian Titanic, by Gill Hoffs, who came along to bookclub (see the book club blog post for more about that), and am already two books behind, so hoping for a few nice short ones to catch up.


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