2017 - Weeks 4 & 5 - Kung Hey Fat Choi

Beloved and I made it to the cinema to see T2 Trainspotting, which I really enjoyed. I'm glad I didn't see any trailers beforehand, and I'm glad I re-watched Trainspotting beforehand. 
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We laughed a lot, as did other people in the cinema, but not everyone. Still not sure if they didn't get it, or our sense of humour is warped. Anyway, 5/5 in part for nostalgia, and in part for comedy value.

So, part of week 4 was ruined by migraine, which I managed to work through, but it did stop a trip to Chinatown to celebrate Chinese New Year, so we had a fakeaway and then liked all of the photos on Facebook from friends who'd either gone into Liverpool or Manchester!

And Sunday, well, Sunday was mainly spent on trains, getting to Cambridge for a week long course for work...

...which brings us to week 5!

I was so good. I used the treadmill in the hotel gym, I went swimming, I walked between the hotel and office every day, but, I ate far too much!

I did photograph the ponies in the field by the hotel, and the windmill on the way, but, I didn't take the DSLR into the town centre. Which I only visited once. It's very beautiful, but it was a working week away so I only saw it properly in the dark after hours. I'm hoping to be able to go back with Beloved and LittleBit for a weekend perhaps.

I did watch a DVD of A Touch of Cloth one evening while I was away. I'll be honest, I was a bit disappointed. I've been wanting to watch it for a while, but I think it was too OTT, and it ruined it a bit for me. I also didn't really care who the killer was or why, which was a shame because the premise of a parody police procedural was a good idea. Only 2/5 for this one.

However, to celebrate being home, on Saturday we went to see The Lego Batman Movie. Not my first choice, but Beloved and LittleBit were looking forward to it. It was as moralistic as you would expect, but it was somewhat entertaining for a variety of reasons, explaining most of which would be spoilers. I will say, much as I like Eddie Izzard, his part should absolutely have been Ralph Fiennes (who was Alfred), and my favourite quote was "British robots, ask your nerd friends".The plot was much better than I had expected and the camera work was less dizzying than the Lego Movie (which gave me a headache). Because I'm a meanie, I'd probably only give it a 3/5, but LittleBit would give it a definite 5!

I finished reading Maui Widow Waltz, which I am afraid that I did not enjoy. 
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Okay, so, the premise (and be warned, spoilers occur in this review, sorry about that) is that a couple are planning to wed and the fella goes missing off a boat, and the incredibly spoiled young lady employs Pali Moon, near-bankrupt local wedding planner, former air marshal and martial arts practitioner, to arrange a wedding anyway. Should the groom fail to appear, she has contracted his friend to sign the register by proxy for the missing groom. The bride is spoiled, selfish and generally unpleasant, the wedding planner doesn't appear to be very organised, but also doesn't do an awful lot apart from be stressed about the impending sale of her business, the impending foreclosure of her home, and the tension with the injured fireman who she initially thinks is in a relationship with her flatmate, and then thinks is hiding something, and who knows what's going on there. Finally, sort of in the dying pages, the proxy groom's corpse washes up on a beach, and the bride shaves her head (because it worked for Britney Spears, I kid you not), and the bride's mobster father pays Pali to move in with the Bride while he and her step-mum disappear back to the mainland, and the police sniff around the unlucky, and possibly killer, bride after receiving some dodgy cctv footage of her rowing with the proxy groom (who's been sleeping with Pali's pal) prior to his demise. Finally, at the bitter death, still with no earthly clue what on earth is going on, Pali steals the step-mum's pride and joy (car) and tails bridezilla, who has bought a Pali-style wig and escaped house arrest by stealing Palis car, to a national park, where bridezilla meets up with... the groom, the fella that went missing at the start? Seriously, it wasn't much of a murder mystery when the only actual death was right at the end, and then it turns out the missing guy we all thought was dead was the killer after-all... on top of which, in a very rushed ending, Pali manages to save her home and business, by sheer luck as much as anything else and everything else is left hanging because it's the first in a series. There was no foreshadowing, I'm afraid that I found the plot dull, and I was disappointed by the ending. Not what I expected, or wanted from a detective fiction novel set in Hawaii. 1/5.

However, I also read No Shades of Grey, by Rosen Trevithik.
Pic fro Rosen Trevithik's website
I really don't know what I expected, apart from a sort-of parody of 50 shades, and that's what it is. Its very short (about 10-15 minutes to read, whilst distracted because lunch) and amusing. 3/5

We finished the weekend with a family walk to Norton Priory, where there was a charity day in aid of Child Bereavement UK. The volunteers were all lovely, and I hope they raised a lot of money. We walked home again, and then enjoyed a Sunday dinner and a game of Trivial Pursuit, the new edition with the typos... (apparently wherever either a g or an m follows a k, an auto-correct has changed kg to kilograms and km to kilometres, just in the middle of the word!) we had fun anyway, and LittleBit won!


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