Week 6 and a family walk

This week, Beloved and I walked to the pub, where we met LittleBit (who had been with grandparents) and had some lunch before we walked home again. It's around a five mile round trip, and it was cold, bitterly cold, and mainly uphill on the way there.
Looking back to the Water Tower, very close to the house

Daresbury Labs, which we walked past

Welcome to Daresbury

LittleBit's Hot Chocolate

and the "far-away" pub... where we enjoyed Sunday Lunch

I finished reading a short novella, The 45% Hangover, by Stuart MacBride. 
It's part of a series (8.5 in the series according to GoodReads) and although I suspect I would have enjoyed it more if I'd read any of the other books in the series, I found that the character's backstories and relationships were well enough explained that nothing was missing, and he (the author) managed to achieve this without an awkward info-dump. There's a fairly layered plot, with one loose end that I didn't feel was tied up, but I suspect may be a carry-over from the main series, everything else was pretty satisfactorily explained, without an info-dump in the epilogue! 4/5

We introduced LittleBit to the Back to the Future films at the weekend too. We had the ultimate lazy Saturday afternoon (after swimming class) we had quick to cook meals for both lunch and tea, and we watched Back to the Future Parts I, II, and III, back to back. Well, I say, we, in actual fact, I fell asleep during Part II, which is fine, because I've never liked that one anyway. LittleBit understood some of the logic, and was able to work out plot points before they happened, and showed compassion by being concerned for the sleeping Jennifer throughout most of Part II and all of Part III. She loved them and keeps asking if we're absolutely certain that there's no more Back to the Future films. The prosthetics are fairly obvious, looking back, but the films are still very clever. Even from a perspective of after the 'future' (2016), it's fun watching what we thought life was going to be like in the 1980s, and yet, we didn't predict smartphones! Just imagine what we'd have thought in 1985 if we were told about smartphones? A trilogy that has well and truly stood the test of time. 5/5

We've also watched the new version of The Magnificent Seven. We really enjoyed it. I only have vague memories of the original, and Beloved hadn't watched it, so it was all shiny and new for all of us. It may be worth us watching the original at some point, for comparative purposes, but the story was engaging, there was plenty of action, and we think this was LittleBit's first western, and she enjoyed it, so all is well. Another 5/5.

Finally, we watched the new version of McGuyver on television. Again, we only have vague memories of the original series, but it's definitely a do-over of the concept, and it's not too bad. In our opinion, it's a smidge on the cheesy side, the 'twist' was a little too obvious, and it's a bit light on plot in favour of the showy McGuyver-ing of science and clever tricks. Obviously, my favourite part is Nick from CSI, although I could do without them making out that he's ancient! 3/5 it has potential.

Next week is half term, but we're only taking one day off each with LittleBit, and she's in holiday club the rest of the week. 


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