Week 8: C25K

This week I have restarted the Couch to 5km (C25K) running program. This isn't my first attempt, but I haven't actually managed to complete it yet. I have got around 6 weeks through it before though.

This week, I have redone week one, and in a moment of complete self-confidence, I purchased and downloaded the C210K app! I know! I had a moment of sheer madness when I thought that because they all start with the C25K programme, I should save myself a few quid, and just download to beginners marathon running app... it starts at C25K, includes C210K, and the 13.1 [mile] half marathon programme and then the full 26.2 mile beginner to marathon app. Apart from that moment when I wondered why 5 and 10 are kilometres, but the half and full marathon are still measured in miles and still have decimal places, I forgot that idea pretty quickly.

If you are interested, although there are many apps and programmes available, I use the Zen Labs 10k running trainer app. I paid for the pro version (under £2) and I am happy with it. It speaks and vibrates for each change, so even if you've not got headphones in, it vibrates in your running belt on the changes so you know to change speed. Although, I am running on my treadmill and can see it anyway. The app allows you to play music from another app, or straight from your phone, and the app will reduce the volume of the music while the electronic voice tells you to begin running, and that you are on run eight of eight... the feeling when she tells you "you have one minute remaining" is pretty nice!

I'm hoping that the accountability of blogging about it will help to motivate me this time, although we have a week long holiday booked before the end of C25K, nevermind 10k, however, the resort has a gym that guests can use, which includes treadmills, so I am hopeful that I will be able to keep it up!


We only watched one film this week, a really old one that we taped a while ago, The Librarian and King Solomon's Mines. (3/5) It was entirely as expected for a Librarian film, and we enjoyed family film time!

We also started catching up on a tv show called Timeless, we're only 2 months behind at the moment! It's an American show, and we taped it when it was on (started in December) and I don't remember which channel, sorry, but we've finally got around to starting it over the weekend. The premise is that a man hijacks a time machine and a scientist, historian and soldier are put together as a team to stop him from destroying present day America by changing the past. It's a little bit cringe-worthy in parts, but, it does introduce some good historical information, is entertaining and fun to watch, so I'm hoping it stays good.

And it was the series finale of Death in Paradise this week. I have to admit that I quite like Ardal O'Hanlon. I wasn't too sure to start with, because of My Hero, in which he seemed wooden, but I think that was the idea in that show. He seems a bit more natural in Death in Paradise, although I will miss Humphrey, and to be fair, I still miss Ben Miller and Sara Martins. But there's reruns on alibi.

Short post this week, hoping to have more photos for next time though!


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