Five under five pounds - March 2017

For this post, I'm joining in with Rainbeaubelle's regular feature of five things, each costing less than £5, that I have purchased. This is something I'm hoping to join in with each month.

Reduced to just 99 pence in our local Co-op, this sticks to the fridge and is a family favourite, although I think we may have been playing ourselves from time to time, forgetting which player we are.

In the same shop, I purchased a bunch of red, yellow, and orange roses for just £3.50.

You may already know, that I have been trying to keep my jade plant alive since 2012... so far, it's going well, but when we saw this in the supermarket for £3.50, I had to bring it home. There's at least 4 small jade plants in there, so it won't be long before they need a bigger pot.

We had to have lunch out on Saturday, just in the supermarket cafe, where they had colouring-in sheets, but no crayons! LittleBit was slightly disappointed, however, the supermarket sells travel colouring in sets, and this one had Minions on it, and came with extra colouring sheets. How to keep a small person happy for lunch, for just £2.60.

Same shopping trip as the colouring-in set found this magnetic planner and shopping list. Since we bought the new fridge and freezer, we lost the wall space we kept our meal planning white board and we have really missed it. This fits nicely on the freezer, we can pull a sheet off to take with us, to remember what we need to buy, it even comes with a pencil and pencil holder, so that we don't lose it.


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