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I have discovered this fabulous idea on Coffee Work Sleep Repeat, where people use the #LittleLoves tag to share their Little Loves from the past week (or in my case, fortnight). So, I shall be trying to join up and do the same, although I may add a few extra categories occasionally - but not this time:
Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

Moon Over Soho, Ben Aaronovitch - 4/5
This is the second book in the Peter Grant Series, which I started reading after two very different people recommended the first book, The Rivers of London to me. 

PC Peter Grant of London's Metropolitan Police, also happens to be an apprentice wizard, and part of a specialist police department responsible for looking into esoteric cases.

When a jazz musician seems to spontaneously die of natural causes after a gig, it is only when the pathologist recognises signs of magical interference that Peter is called upon to investigate, but the bodies keep on piling up. He is very attracted to the deceased's girlfriend, he is still keeping in touch with his former partner and best friend, 

It's well written, it's easy to read, it's entertaining and it has a very satisfactory ending, which leads neatly into book three (which I have on hold at the library already).

Along with, it seems, everyone else on Facebook, and in Runcorn, LittleBit and I headed to the cinema to catch the live action version of Beauty and the Beast! (PG - 5/5)

It is very similar to the animated Disney version we know and love, with a few extra bits added in, which added to, rather than detracted from the film.

Don't want to do spoilers, but Magneto and Alex from Drop the Dead Donkey, right at the end... that moment made it for me. Funniest moment in the entire film. LittleBit was made up by managing to bag a free poster from the cinema, if she collects any more, we'll have to buy her a portfolio to keep them in! 

She also bagged a double sided invitation to colour in;

That Metallica are touring later this year - tickets go on sale this week! Best news I can think of! Keep your fingers crossed that they don't sell out before I can buy some. LittleBit is desperate to go.

Also, finished the Audiobook of The Ocean at the End of the Lane, by Neil Gaiman (4/5), which I had actually thought was a children's book (the protagonist is 7 when the main plot takes place). It's a wee bitty dark, I think LittleBit would be alright with it, but I'm not going to push her to read it, there is a chance of nightmares! I didn't read the synopsis of this one in advance, and I'm glad I didn't, I think it would have spoiled the plot, so I shan't share it here either. I do recommend it, especially as it's narrated by Neil Gaiman himself.

Don't forget to check out the Runcorn Readers Blog.

A Lemon Sponge... technically, it was for my colleague's birthday, but he wasn't in on the day, so we enjoyed it without him. It's a victoria sponge base, but with lemon curd instead of strawberry jam, lemon in the buttercream and a lemon drizzle topping. Will definitely be making this one again. The photo is from a dodgy angle, and I didn't do a fantastic job of cutting it but it tasted fabulous.

After my last attempt at C25K stalled because I was under the weather, I started again. So this week, I wore my Hoka One Ones, cropped running leggings, an old t-shirt and my fitbit. Luckily, I was on a treadmill inside our house, so noone else has to see me dressed like that! I'm hoping to do better this time.
The office I work in used to have a library, but due to some upcoming expansion, the library has had to go, in return for a donation to the office's chosen charity this year, The Teenage Cancer Trust, I was able to take a selection of the books, some of which have already been wrapped for bookclub's blind-date-with-a-book selection. As someone who did use the office library from time to time, I am going to miss the space, however, it's nice to have some new blind-date-with-a-book books!
The Old Office Library


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