I have had a bit of a play with the settings, and although I hope that the changes, so far, will be subtle, I am hoping to change the posts and content to be somewhat less erratic.

So, firstly, a catch up from week 9!

Beloved and I watched Logan at the cinema. As it's a 15, we managed to arrange some babysitting, however, LittleBit really did want to see it and said it looked good. It really earned that 15 rating right off the bat though. The language aside, the gore factor was pretty intense, and Beloved and I agreed afterwards that we both spent most of the film hoping they'd kept the actress who played Laura away from the other actors for some scenes. Overall, I did enjoy the film, some aspects of the plot may make more sense if you've read the comic books/graphic novels, but there's enough background information to be able to work it out even if you haven't read the comics. No spoilers, but I wasn't entirely expecting the ending. Beloved, who knows about the comics (which are ahead of the films) was expecting it, but I am used to films tying things up and some kind of deus-ex-machina, 'it'll all turn out alright in the end' twist, which I didn't get. Still, a solid 4/5

We also took LittleBit to see Kong: Skull Island, which is a 12A. It made me jump a few times, and there some of the rather gory effects did make me queasy, however, the CGI is astounding. The plot itself is thought provoking, and rage inducing, human beings are selfish, self-entitled, thoughtless, irresponsible, destructive... It's actually a really good film, and I'm glad it's set in the 70s so we can try and convince ourselves that it wouldn't be like that now... 4/5

And, not films, but we've started watching the new series of Lethal Weapon (Friday nights, ITV). In all honesty, I was fully prepared to hate it, and yet... it's fun and I am enjoying it. My only criticism is that they are both far, far too young. And also the reboot of MacGuyver, (Wednesdays, Sky One), which I was expected to truly enjoy. They keep making jokes about Nick from CSI being "old" (which he can't be), and the plots are a little obvious. What I would really though, is a special version of mythbusters after every episode to show whether or not he could really do the things he does in the show.

Beloved and I went to our second gig of the year to see Apocalyptica, a cellist quartet who played the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester, for the twentieth anniversary of their Plays Metallica album. The evening consisted of them only playing Metallica songs. For the first half they played their original Plays Metallica album, in order, straight though, sat in the formation you see above. Then they had an interval, after which, they rocked.

They had a drummer for the second half, at various points they played cellos like guitars, held them above their heads to start clapping, there was a flaming cello, and they played Nothing Else Matters in the encore, which I loved. They are planning to tour again, but it won't all be Metallica next time, and we will definitely go to see them again!

And, we've taken LittleBit to her first gig. A band called Against the Current, we stumbled across them over Christmas when their cover of All I Want for Christmas (yes, the one Mariah Carey did) was on Kerrang, and when we found out they were playing Liverpool, we bought tickets.

The support act were a band we'd never heard of before, called Hunger, but LittleBit seemed to enjoy it, so we bought her their ep from the merchandise stand during the interval.
Against the Current
We were right at the back, and didn't have the best view, however, we could hear it perfectly, and we had bench seats, near to the loos and the bar, and LittleBit loved it, however, it was a Friday night, and after a full day at school, she was almost asleep before the end, so we left during the encore (but she'd heard, and sung along to her favourite song, Chasing Ghosts, already by then).

Over the past few weeks, I have baked Pice ar y maen, or Welshcakes, using dried raspberries instead of currents, and because I couldn't find a cutter the right size in the kitchen, I used presentation rings so they turned out a bit too big and difficult to manage whilst cooking.

I also made a lemon posset, with lemon and ginger shortbread.
If I'm being brutally honest, the flavours didn't come through the shortbread as well as I had hoped, and LittleBit has asked if she can make plain shortbread soon.

and finally; I made a purple crayon costume for LittleBit to wear for the school World Book Day celebration, where the theme was The Day the Crayons Quit, by Drew Daywalt.
with matching purple hair... temporarily.


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