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Arrows of Fury by Anthony Riches 

This is the second in the series about a Roman on the run from certain death, hiding under an assumed identity, in the region of Hadrian's wall!

Because work has been somewhat hectic, I'm only around half way through this one at the moment, but I am enjoying it. The tension and suspense is starting to build, and the villains are just straight up villainous. It is a book about a Roman Soldier, set in the first century, if you're after something with fluffy bunnies and romance, this may not be the book for you, if you want historical fiction, with fighting and death, look no further. 

As I haven't finished this one yet, I can't give it a score out of 5, or comment on the ending, but I gave the first novel in the series a 4/5, so I am hopeful that this one will be similarly good.

LittleBit and Beloved went to watch Power Rangers at the cinema... I managed to not go with them (which I'm counting as a win) and stayed at home with my book instead.

We have been watching the new series of Robot Wars though! We've decided (in conversation) how our ideal robot would work, be constructed and what the weaponry and defence would be... now all we need to do is learn how to build a robot and actually do it! Or, you know, just keep being armchair experts while we watch other people build robots that try to destroy all the other robots!
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A talk, about the Battle of Tuetoburg Forest (9AD) and its aftermath, by one of my favourite historical fiction authors, Ben Kane.

His 11th book (third in this series) Eagles in the Storm, was released last week, and this was part of his book signing tour. He was at Little Sutton Library, close to my friend's house, so I knew it was easy enough to get to and I went!

The talk itself was interesting, and informative, Ben Kane, as always when I've heard him give a talk previously, he was clearly passionate and very knowledgeable about his subject!
Although many of his talks obviously revolve around his writing, he also discusses the history of the period in general, and his journey from vet to historical fiction author, if you get a chance to go and hear him, go along. It was less than £4 for my ticket, and that included tea, coffee and biscuits!

not by me this week! LittleBit decorated a hard-boiled egg for the Easter Competition while I was out and about. She was determined to make a purple minion, and she did this with the minimum of assistance from Beloved!

I have been trying to grow my own nails, and avoid getting acrylics for holidays this year, but they've been breaking quite easily, so I have been wearing this strengthening treatment. It soaks into the nails and doesn't coat the nail, like a polish, and it seems to have worked not too bad (the [old] pound coin, is for scale). I think this one was a tester, I picked it up at the salon while I was getting my legs waxed for around £3.50. 

Noise cancelling headphones, cheap ones online (less than thirty quid). Not tried them on a flight yet, but they do make a difference over the noise of our washing machine, which is supposed to have a "silent drive" which I think is entirely dead, because the machine sounds not dissimilar to a laden goods train with a thousand heavy carriages not slowing down to power along the stretch of railway track near our house. They so impressed Beloved that he's ordered himself a pair to replace his old set! They fold up and come in a carry-bag, so the big test will come when we go on our holidays and test them against the engines of a plane! I will report back.

Thursday of last week (30th March) was "Take a Walk in a Park Day"... sadly, because work was still being a bit full-on, I couldn't get to a park in the time I had for lunch, but I did manage to go for a walk, and spotted these flowers growing at the side of a busy main road. I'm not sure what they are, as you can see there's holly leaves and bramble leaves in the same hedge, but I have never seen flowers like that on a holly bush or bramble before! If you happen to know what it is, please comment and tell me!

Moments after I took that picture, I took this one, on the same busy main road. I couldn't find a park, but the nice bits found me on Thursday!
I'm glad I went for that walk on Thursday, it might not have been through a park, but it really did help to restore my zen between conference calls.


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