New Year Challenges for 2018

Whilst we didn't manage everything off our list in 2017, we did enjoy what we did manage, and we did enjoy trying, and so, we're trying again. Here is our A to Z list for 2018:

  • A - Archery - Fairly straightforward, we enjoy archery as a family. We're going to do more of it in 2018.
  • B - Bowling - We quite like bowling (10 pin, not crown green) and we don't go very often. So, we'd like to go more.
  • C - Cycling - we've got new bikes and we want to cycle more, and further.
  • D - Deer - go to a deer park. There's at least two locally!
  • E - Everest Anywhere - okay, not actually Everest... I have signed up to the #EverestAnywhere 2018 Challenge. So, over the course of the year, I will have walked up the equivalent of Mount Everest, and my poor, unsuspecting family will have done most of it with me (there's usually a certificate at the end, they'll love it!)
  • F - Forest - we live so close to Delamere and we used to go a lot. Recently, we haven't been as often, but with new bikes to use, a park run to go to, a campsite to stay at to stargaze from... this year, we're determined to go more often!
  • G - Gaze at the Stars - I don't mean celebrities. LittleBit got a new telescope for Christmas, we've got the 2018 Stargazing guide, we're looking forward to checking out the night sky and learning a bit about what we're looking at. 
  • H - Harry Potter - There are two exhibitions on in 2018 that we want to go to.
  • I - Ice Skating - Another nice, straight forward one, there's an ice rink near to us, we intend to go at least once in 2018.
  • J - Jodrell Bank - It's a fairly major tourist attraction locally, we shall visit.
  • K - Karting - Another nice, straight forward one. There's a few karting places locally. We're going to go and have a try.
  • L - Lady Lever Art Gallery - Considering how close this is, we've never been. 2018 is the time to rectify that.
  • M - Monsal Trail - The Monsal Trail is a disused railway between Bakewell and Buxton, which we've cycled before, and we want to cycle again this year.
  • N - National Trust - We have membership, and we don't use it nearly often enough. We'd like to visit more National Trust places.
  • O - Offa's Dyke - This historical earthworks is also a National Trail, there's a section quite near to us (easy day-tripping distance). Probably not somewhere to cycle, but I'm always up for a good walk, and it'll contribute to my Yorkshire 3 Peaks training and my #Walk1000Miles Challenge, which I am already signed up for again for 2018!
  • P - Photography Class - I've signed up to an online course - it's one year, with feedback and assignments. I'm hoping to post my assignment photos as I go.
  • Q - The Lovell Quinta Arbouretum - teensy bit of cheating, however, it's local(ish) and we shall make an effort to visit.
  • R - Roller Skating - All three of us, as a family, roller disco!
  • S - Safari - Another nice obvious one. We'd like to go on a safari.
  • T - Trans Pennine Trail - There's a very local section, we can walk it or cycle it (well, part of it) and so it will help towards other challenges too!
  • U - Underwater - Swim more often (LittleBit has swimming lessons and there's a general swim at the same time we can take part in, so I intend to do that more often this year. Or we could visit an aquarium? Or both!
  • V - Vegetarian - I used to be vegetarian and will often choose vegetarian food, but I live with two carnivores, and even if I only manage one vegetarian meal with them, I'll take it as a win!
  • W - Wildlife - get out there, see it, photograph it, help to protect it!
  • X - Xi'an - Bit of a cheat. However, in 2018, Xi'an is coming to Liverpool!! Xi'an is the area where the terracotta warriors were discovered and there is a special exhibition coming to the World Museum in Liverpool in 2018. We're really looking forward to it.
  • Y - Yorkshire 3 Peaks - A friend has invited us to join him and a group of friends on this challenge for charity. The three highest peaks in Yorkshire, a total of 24 miles, on foot, in 12 hours. Don't worry, LittleBit can sit this one out, but we're training already.
  • Z - Zero Day - Not a software hack, or a day where you achieve nothing, but a day where you spend no money, or produce no carbon emissions, or generate no non-recyclable waste, or even just a day spent at home, doing absolutely nothing (something we don't often have time for).
As already mentioned, I am also signed up for a number of personal challenges, some organised, others I have set for myself, including:

  1. 52 Book Reading Challenge: Nice and simple, read an average of 1 book each week throughout the year. I have an added target of making that a minimum of 15,000 pages (Goodreads measures this for me).
  2. Books - more books! I'd like to start on this list of the most iconic books set in 150 countries,
  3. #EverestAnywhere2018 - As already mentioned above. 
  4. Films: I'm hoping to start working through Empire's list of 100 Greatest Films of all time
  5. Music! I play a number of instruments, although not very well! This year's challenge will be to practice, and learn some new songs. This is a personal challenge, and not organised, so I'll see how it goes, but I suspect I will find some online lessons I can follow.
  6. I expect to take part in NaNoWriMo again in November!
  7. Photography - There's an assignment around once a week for my online photography course, so keeping up with the photography assignments will be a challenge in itself.
  8. I've set myself a Sewing Challenge - sew or stitch one item each month!
  9. #Walk1000Miles2018! I didn't know about the challenge in 2016, but actually managed it, I've just manage to scrape through it in 2017, so I'm taking part in 2018 and hoping to finish before the end of December!
  10. And I'm going to try and blog more regularly throughout 2018! I've been somewhat less than regular in the past, I'm going to plan time in to make regular posts in the coming year. Wish me luck.


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