2018 - Challenges - Week 1

In a week beset by headaches and migraines, I still managed to make a good start on most of my challenges. 

In my A-Z Challenge, I purchased an annual pass for free parking in the Forest car-parks, some of which are usually pay and display, and made it along on Saturday for my first ever Park Run! Run may be a bit strong a word, but I did it, and it contributed towards both #Walk1000Miles and also #EverestAnywhere.

I finished two books:

First was The Scarlet Pimpernel, by Baroness Orczy

3/5 - Not as exciting as I remember the film being when I was young, and seemed to centre more on his wife, than on his adventures, but still enjoyable. Didn't realise that it was the first in a series though, I will look into the others at some point!

This is set partially in England and partially in France, so I don't currently intend on counting this towards my Read-Around-the-World Challenge.

Then I finally finished The Rabbit Back Literature Society by Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen.

3/5. This one was firmly out of my usual comfort zone, and although I enjoyed the start, and the end, I found the middle hard going.

As this is set in Finland, I will probably count this towards my Read-Around-the World Challenge, which has morphed somewhat from the original list I found!

The first photo assignment was to post 2 old photographs, one, your best, and one that needs improvement, and 3 new - taken of something you love and your best efforts!

My best to date is the Caiman above. and my photo I love but that 'requires improvement' is this one from my Bridgewater Canal Walk a few months ago.

The critiques I've had suggest that a faster shutter speed would help crisp the image up. I know I'll be walking that section again, so I'll try that next time.

And my three taken of something I love, were from a post-Christmas zoo trip! 

I'm especially looking forward to the lessons about post-editing with software, when I will have a go at making the colours really pop on the photo of Boris (the Orangutan).

The second assignment was a lesson in critiquing other photos, so not something I can share, and assignment three is homework researching a famous photographer's work - so I won't post that here either.


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