Where I Live... Post 1 - Frodsham

As you may, or may not, be aware, my family and I are temporarily living in Frodsham (which I believe comes from the old Norwegian meaning Frode's Hamlet, I have no idea who Frode was though!)

I don't know an awful lot about Frodsham, except that Djibril Cisse (former Liverpool player) used to be Lord of the Manor of Frodsham and his wife runs/ran the salon in Helsby. Oh, and I have learned that Daniel Craig (yes, that Daniel Craig) lived in the Ring o'Bells pub growing up (where his Father was the Landlord), and obviously Gary Barlow is from Frodsham, and Bob Carolgees runs the candle shop at Lady Heyes (but I am not old enough to remember Spit the Dog).

So, there are a few pubs, most notably the Bears Paw and the Queen's Head, which are handily on the main road and both have car parks (and you know how important I think that is).

Apart from our caravan site, the only other places we usually go are the shiny new Sainsbury's and Frodsham Hill. We quite like walking around the hill a little way, where the graffiti is more of an art installation than it is in Runcorn, and the cenotaph which being ontop of the hill has some amazing views!

Below are a few photos;
Beloved and Littlebit admiring the view, Daddy is pointing out Runcorn Landmarks
Grafitti in Frodsham Hill Wood
The sandstone of Frodsham Hill
Whilst there isn't anything wrong with Frodsham, it's not home, and we are all very much looking forward to being able to move into our new house, when I can post my second 'Where I Live' blog post, about a town I actually know about!


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