2016 - August

Already! I know! And it's been two months since my last blog post (which was not the plan).

Not going to bore you all by catching up on the last two months, so let's just kick off, shall we?


Not been doing as well as last year, I have slumped a few times this year, and got all muddled up with 6 on the go at once. So, I'm not allowed to start anything else until I have cleared these down.

My currently reading pile currently contains (clockwise from top left) Career of Evil, by Robert Galbraith, Atonement, by Ian McEwan, Pictures or it Didn't Happen, by Sophie Hannah, The Rabbit Back Literature Society, by Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen, The Pilgrimage, by Paulo Coelho and The Suffrage of Elvira, by VS Naipaul. I will still be a number of books behind schedule for my 52 book challenge when I finish these, but it should make a dent in catching up!


The Archers. On Sunday I ranged between calling Fallon and Linda manipulative, clever and mean by turns, and was pleased when they found a compromise for the fete, until it was all over and Linda discovered that Scruff had crossed the rainbow bridge. I did have to rub my eye a little bit after that.

Other than that, there was Sabotage by the Beastie Boys, which was used in the new Star Trek movie, and which we had to have a listen to on the way home from the cinema, and then some of Queen's Greatest Hits, because we were in a car and it's Queen... why did you even have to ask?

With our annual summer camping trip coming up soon, we'll need to sort out an offline playlist that we can listen too, and we're going to finish the audio book of the Scorch Trials, which we can all listen to together.


This past weekend, we decided to write off Saturday afternoon and spend the day at the cinema. We started with Jason Bourne, which was exactly as expected. There's fight scenes from the off, comedy moments, drama, suspense, shooting, explosions, car chases, more fighting. Some of the camera work, especially in the hand-to-hand combat scenes and the car chases, has the potential to cause motion sickness, but we made it through.

Then we found a subway for a speedy lunch, and went straight back in to catch Star Trek Beyond. I enjoyed this more than Bourne, if I'm honest. Much more comedy, more explosions, some fighting, and they managed to sort of squeeze in a motorcycle chase scene!

Pizza Hut for tea, was followed by the third and final film of the day, Finding Dory, which, if you're planning to go and see it, it's worth getting there on time for. There's a short before it called Piper, which was absolutely fantastic. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Finding Dory, but Piper was my favourite part. The initial animation is bordering on realism to the point where if they keep this up, we won't need actors or special effects anymore! Finding Dory doesn't have bloody violence, guns, phasers, or a motorcycle... does have a police chase and a lorry being driven by... ahh, now that would be a spoiler! It's moving, it's family friendly, and it's fun.

And finally, on Monday evening, LittleBit and I went back to the flicks to see the BFG. It is important to understand that I wasn't fussed, and Beloved didn't want to see it at all, this was purely for LittleBit, but she absolutely loved it. I have to admit that I enjoyed it far more than I expected, and the child-free couple in front of us were laughing louder than the kids in the screen (I'm not complaining, I'm just explaining that it was nice to see grown-ups enjoying the film). Penelope Wilton is magnificent as the Queen, but I will never know how she kept a straight face while the Queen was farting green! Sorry, spoiler... not the funniest bit in that scene though. A few scenes of mild peril, a few times which may be scary for particularly sensitive little people, but worth a watch. It was always going to suffer by not being Danny the Champion of the World though, in my opinion. Hey, I'm a bookworm, of course I have a favourite Roald Dahl book.


No photos, sorry! I helped LittleBit make Welsh Cakes (Properly called pice ar y maen)! We used this recipe, from the BBC Good Food website, but substituted the currants for chopped up dried raspberry (personal preference) but they tasted absolutely fantastic. We can't make them very often, because they are more-ish and I lack willpower... oh, yeah, and they're basically fat, sugar and glue, by my word, they taste good!

Not much else this week - mainly because we've spent so much time at the flicks - but still working on a few other blog posts for in the future, and hopefully, I'll have finished a book before next time!


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