The Monsal Trail

While we were on holiday, our campsite was about a mile away from the Monsal Trail, a former disused railway turned into a walking and cycle route. The way to get to the Monsal Trail from our campsite was down part of the Pennine Bridleway, mainly the part which has signage asking riders to dismount, and which Beloved was able to cycle down, but LittleBit and I had to walk!

At the bottom of the Bridle path, where it meets the Monsal Trail, is a cycle hire and tuck shop, which sells ice cream and has a dog, called Dave, who LittleBit immediately fell in love with!

We didn't cycle all the way along the trail this time. The walk down the bridle path had really taken it out of LittleBit and I... Beloved, renamed The Hulk by LittleBit, rather than make us walk back up the bridle path, walked up the bridle path on his own (it was so steep, he had to have a sit down at the top of the slope for about ten minutes), then he cycled back to the campsite and brought the car and bike rack to the car park at the Buxton end of the trail (where LittleBit's bike, with built in kick stand, took up an entire parking space) which LittleBit and I had cycled to, where he fastened our bikes to the back of the car and we drove off and visited Buxton Tandoori for a second time (it was good, and we remembered to hit up the cash line first this time!)

We're already planning another trip to try and cycle this route again. One of the benefits of not going far for camping holidays, the places we like are in day tripping or long weekend distance from home!


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