Theatre Review: Jack the Ripper - The Real Truth

On Friday (16th September), my Mum and I went to the Brindley to see a show entitled Jack the Ripper - the Real Truth. Presented by a former London Police Detective, Trevor Marriott.

I won't ruin the ending, fear not! However, Trevor has reviewed the Jack the Ripper evidence as a cold case, using 21st Century investigative techniques. The show was Trevor talking us through his findings, with a slide show to show evidence (which included some graphic phototgraphs of the victims).

The talk was interested, alas, due to the time constraints, I felt that some of the questions I had weren't covered by the talk, however, Trevor had clearly looked into this in great depth, including getting assistance from medical experts to experiment in order to disprove some popular theories.

He was quite careful not to paint the conclusion out for us too clearly, rather leaving it up to our own deductions, but Mum and I did both agree with the conclusion we thought that he was leading us too.

Both a dvd of the show, and Trevor's books (including the book of this case, as well as some others) are available to purchase from his website.


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