Walking: The Bridgewater Canal - Section 1 - Top Locks to Preston Brook

It's been a while since I blogged, and I walked this section of the canal - I actually walked it at the end of July, and, have accidentally deleted most of the photographs! Argh! I will re-walk this section at some point.

Anyway, I happened to be in Runcorn Old Town, and near to the start of the Bridgewater Canal, and I decided to walk from the Top Locks to Preston Brook Village Hall, where Beloved and LittleBit were at karate (and from where I could cadge a lift home).

This section isn't quite 10km ... I started out at Doctor's Bridge, walked down to the Top Locks, and then had to circle the village hall (a large loop, not just skirting the building) 3 times to hit my 10km target on the day, but, I am slow, and didn't have my pacer poles, so it took me around 2 and a half hours on a glorious Summer's afternoon/early evening, which included a sit down near Phoenix Park, and was a very enjoyable walk.

My soundtrack on the day was the audiobook version of Johnny and the Dead by Terry Pratchett, which is an old favourite of mine. It is a children's book, but it's fantastic, and the narrator was brilliant.


1. The "Top Locks" and Waterloo Bridge. There's no actual locks there anymore, they were filled in and the canal separated from the River Mersey when the Silver Jubilee Bridge was built.

2. The Buddhist Temple - formerly the Waterloo pub, famously used as the exterior of the Archer pub in Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps. This is the view from the Top Locks.

The rest are random photographs of sections of the canal, some waterlilies and the mural on the wall of Windmill Hill Community Centre, on the opposite bank from Norton Priory, which we'd seen from the grounds of Norton Priory the day before!


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