Sunday, 21 June 2015

Where I Live - Post 2 - The Bridgewater Canal

If you remember back in September 2014, I posted the first of my "Where I Live" blog posts, while we were living, all be it temporarily, in Frodsham. 

The Runcorn one, I am, rather surprisingly, having a little trouble with. Although probably not the kind of trouble you would expect. I am struggling to edit it down to be a realistic length for a single blog post... so, I decided to split it down into sections!

Sunday, 7 June 2015

First Monthly Post - May 2015; Eurovision and other parties

Apart from the General Election at the start of the month, and which I have already discussed, May had quite a bit going on!

Firstly, was my mini-adventure with Linda to Llangollen. We camped overnight in the shadow of Dinas Bran and Offa's Dyke, and walked along the canal, stopping frequently at eateries and wine selling establishments.