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Week 45 - Birmingham and Back Up Your NaNo!

As the title suggests, I spent last week in Birmingham, for a work's training course.

I got to celebrate Diwali Day at the office in aid of the Birmingham Children's Hospital.

Week 44: Half Term

So the clocks have fallen back (yippee!!) and we are back on GMT, as it should be.

And it's half term! Beloved and I took a few days off to spend with LittleBit this week.

On Monday, we went to the Museum of Policing in Cheshire, at Warrington, where volunteers Peter and Mary kindly showed us around. Better guides, I have never met, anywhere. They were fantastic with LittleBit, extraordinarily knowledgeable, fun, friendly and just lovely. We went into a Tardis, sat in a police car and tried on different uniforms!

We were able to see their collection of confiscated weapons including a shotgun disguised as a walking cane, and they told us a story of some young lads who broke a house window to steal some katana from a window ledge... yup! They've been telling this story for a few years now, and it turns out, it was our house! We do remember that, and now they know who it was! They're pleased to know that we no longer display the swords on the window sill!

It's a hidden gem th…

Catch Up: Weeks 42 & 43 -

Between Parent's Evening (went well), and Girl Child's birthday and associated party (both of which also went well), we've been rather busy, hence this post being monumentally late! However, to compensate, I have a few new zoo pics.

The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed that this post is being uploaded on a Wednesday morning... fear not, this week (week 44), we've taken a few days of for half term - but more on that next time.

Week 41: The Wirral Way and Norton Priory

If you've had a nosey at the blogs I follow (if you're on a laptop/pc, they're listed somewhere on the right, but they don't show on the mobile browser version) then you may already have found my friend Linda's blog, Somewhere Slowly... One of her hobbies is walking. Not to the shops, but long distances.

One of her favourite places to walk is along the Camino de Santiago in Spain. Literally The Way to Santiago, this is a traditional pilgrimage to the town of Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain, which I first heard of when reading Sharpe's Rifles, by Bernard Cornwell. In the novel, Lieutenant Richard Sharpe and a small detatchment of Riflemen have been cut off from the rest of the British army and they find themselves joining forces with a Spanish cavalry major.
The major has a desperate plan to unfurl the gonfalon (penant) of Santiago (St James) over the holy (and occupied) city of Santiago de Compostela... I'll let you read the novel yourself to find ou…

Pasta Sauce, Book Club and the Wrexham Writing Workshop

Firstly, I have decided to revert to weekly blog posts. The monthly thing lasted six months, but it hasn't quite been as I had anticipated. So I'm changing it back.

Secondly, this post contains a recipe, a book review, and a bit about a writers workshop that I attended recently.

Bag Making Bonus Blog Post

As promised, I am posting again before next month's post... it's slightly later than I would have liked, mainly due to my having been poorly.

I won't cover all the usual things, I'll save those for the next post (around a week away), this is going to be a how-to about making a reusable shopping bag.


Soooo, I'm around 21 days late with this post. I had started writing it, and saved a draft, but to be honest, work got a bit manic and I worked late, a lot, leaving me very little time for anything to blog about, much less time to finish writing the blog!

So, I shall combine my 5th August and 5th September posts, write and post it a little early (and probably a little long), and then add a bonus mid-month blog in September. Deal? Marvellous! 

Summer storms and an Alice in Wonderland reference...

To quote the white rabbit in Alice's Adventures in wonderland, "I'm late, I'm late...", sorry about that. I wanted to make sure I could talk about book-club;
Last month's group read was The Narrow Road to the Deep North, by Richard Flanagan.

Where I Live - Post 2 - The Bridgewater Canal

If you remember back in September 2014, I posted the first of my "Where I Live" blog posts, while we were living, all be it temporarily, in Frodsham. 

The Runcorn one, I am, rather surprisingly, having a little trouble with. Although probably not the kind of trouble you would expect. I am struggling to edit it down to be a realistic length for a single blog post... so, I decided to split it down into sections!

First Monthly Post - May 2015; Eurovision and other parties

Apart from the General Election at the start of the month, and which I have already discussed, May had quite a bit going on!
WALKING: Firstly, was my mini-adventure with Linda to Llangollen. We camped overnight in the shadow of Dinas Bran and Offa's Dyke, and walked along the canal, stopping frequently at eateries and wine selling establishments.

Election Special...

I can't wait for the end of the month. I was going to include a write up about the election in the first of my monthly posts, but it got a bit lengthy and it's too far away in time! So here's my write up of the election, as it happened. I did try to keep any political bias out of my write up, so apologies if I haven't managed it.

Week 16

On Monday, in the interests of science (and speed after working late), I attempted a microwave dinner (Beloved and Itsy were out for tea, so I was on my own), including a microwavable cake recipe which I have seen posted online a few times.

Catch Up

So, I missed a week... I had intended to write one and schedule it to be posted while I was on holiday, but I forgot. (Sorry.)

So, we went to Mallorca. We had a week at an all inclusive resort in Cala d'or (which translates into Cove of Gold), and we did as little as possible. It was lovely. Bit chilly in the evenings, and during the day when the wind picked up, but it was mostly warm, it was sunny enough to achieve minor sunburn through factor 50 (reapplied regularly throughout the day), and it was pretty.

I got a few photos from the plane and lots of the beach - so I've added a few at the end of this post.

Week 11, Lent 5

Friday saw a total eclipse of the Sun. Sadly, the best place to see the total eclipse was the Faeroe Isles, which is somewhat further North than we are, so we only got a partial eclipse, but it was very close. There was an event at Wigg Island, and I was able to take some photographs. This is my favourite of those that I took.

Sir Terry Pratchett

All else this week has been eclipsed by the loss of the awesome Terry Pratchett.

Even in death, he is more eloquent than I could ever hope to be, so, in memory of him, go, read one of his books. Read all of them. Revel in his genius, and if you are feeling generous, perhaps donate to an Alzheimer's research charity.

Week 9, Lent 3 and Neil Gaiman

NEIL GAIMAN. Yes, the Neil Gaiman, came to the University of Liverpool to open the new Centre for International Writing. And he was fantastic.

Week 3

This week ended with Burns Night on Sunday. I'd love to tell you that I made my haggis from scratch, (love may be pushing it, but heigh ho), that I piped the pudding in and then recited (from memory) the Ode...

We did at least have haggis for supper (nae neeps though... never liked the indestructible stuff), though we did have tatties (of the baked variety), and we also had cranachan, because let's be honest here, we all know that's the best bit!!

Once, many years ago, I served cranachan for afters at a dinner party for some friends. I'd made it plenty of times before, but I was nervous and wanted it to be absolutely spot on, so I'd read the recipe from a book, and measured everything out precisely. Never, ever, again. The recommended amount of whisky nearly knocked us all out for starters, and I think the cream is better for adding vanilla paste. But that's just me. Add to taste!


Pinhead oatmealdouble cream (500ml)Clear/runny honey (Scottish Heather H…